Call Me By Your Name Director Reveals Sequel's Opening Shot

Call Me By Your Name Final Shot

Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino has teased his plans for a sequel to the movie by describing its opening shot. Based on the novel by André Aciman, Call Me By Your Name starred Timothée Chalamet as Elio Perlman, a 17 year-old musician spending the summer in his family's villa in rural Italy, who falls in love with a graduate student, Oliver (Armie Hammer) who comes to stay with them.

The film won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay (from legendary screenwriter James Ivory), and scored two further nominations for Best Picture and Best Actor (Chalamet). Call Me By Your Name grossed more than $41 million at the worldwide box office, and soon after its release Guadagnino was already talking about making a sequel set in 1989.

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Now the director has offered an update on his plans for the next chapter in Elio and Oliver's life. Speaking to Italian outlet Bad Taste (translation via The Playlist), Guadagnino revealed that the opening shot of the sequel will mirror the final shot of Call Me By Your Name, which ended with Elio crying while staring into a fireplace. This time, Guadagnino said, Elio will be crying while watching a movie instead:

"I’m asking myself if in the new chapter of the life of Elio, Oliver and the Perlman family we should let them pass by Crema or not… but I don’t think so. Let’s give a small scoop: the sequel (but I don’t like to call it a sequel, their story is a ‘cycle’) will take place in Paris. And it begins with Elio crying. With this light shining into his eyes… and we wonder: are we still where we left him (in front of the fireplace)? No: he’s crying because he’s watching the ending of one of the best movies of the eighties, Paul Vecchiali’s masterpiece ‘Once More'. Absolutely consistent with the character: Elio loves Paul Vecchiali’s cinema… that is melancholic like him."

Released in 1988, Once More (pictured above) stars Jean-Louis Rolland as a family man who realizes that he is gay and decides to leave his wife, eventually falling in love with another man. The film has particular significance with regards to Call Me By Your Name, since the first film ended with Oliver calling Elio and breaking the news that he will soon be getting married to a woman.

It's worth noting that the sequel to Call Me By Your Name hasn't officially been announced yet, but the cast all seem very enthusiastic about reuniting to continue the story. Aciman has also revealed that he is working on a sequel to the novel, though this will likely take place much later than the film sequel, since the book ends fifteen years later than the movie does.

Guadagnino has previously said that the sequel to Call Me By Your Name will deal with the AIDS crisis, and that the use of Once More could be a way to bring the issue up, since that film's story involves a character who has AIDS. The first film used music and philosophy as a means of conveying its love story, so it would be a natural progression for the sequel to use film as a mirror for Elio and Oliver's relationship.

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Source: Bad Taste (via The Playlist)

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