Next Year's Call of Duty Will Have A Story Campaign

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

2019's Call of Duty game might reportedly see the inclusion of a story mode. Fans aren't thrilled with this year's Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 not featuring a traditional single-player campaign, but if a brand new report come to fruition, it won't be long until another campaign mode comes  their way via next year's release from the famed video game series.

Following the unique development cycle with three game developers - Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer Games - alternately working on Call of Duty's annual release schedule. Considering that 2018's Black Ops 4 is still on the docket, not much is known with regard to next year's release. Rumors have claimed that it may continue the Modern Warfare subseries, while that remains to be seen, another potential clue regarding what to expect on the future game has emerged online.

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The bit comes from Newsweek citing a job listing at Activision's official website specifically looking for a narrative scripter at Infinity Ward. The announcement describes the job as a "hands-on role" which will have the new hire "collaborate with scripters, sound designers, writers, and directors to implement voice-over performances in-game across a wide variety of player experiences – from combat to set-pieces." Infinity Ward is looking for a candidate that has “a cinematic ear for dialogue pacing," as well as “a broad understanding of both multiplayer and single-player game design.”

It Looks Like 2019's Call of Duty Game is Modern Warfare 4

Obviously, this is far from a confirmation. It's possible that the game developer may be working on an entirely different title and the job posting is for that project instead. But the fact that Infinity Ward is set to work on next year's Call of Duty title, not to mention how they thrive at creating single-player modes is enough reason to at least consider the possibility that this is perhaps part of their plan to bring back a campaign feature for the 2019 game.

Another important talking point from the announcement is that it appears like the mysterious game in question here would be for “multiple next-gen platforms.” This somehow corroborates with reports of future new consoles such as  PS5 and Xbox Scarlet allegedly scheduled to roll out in 2020. Admittedly, while a 2019 date release for the untitled Call of Duty game may be too early, it's possible that the title will be initially available on current consoles, and then eventually on next-gen ones once they are launched to the public.

At this point, however, chances are that Activision would choose to remain mum about this issue, especially since Black Ops 4 is still due to come out this October. As previously mentioned, the game developed by Treyarch won't have any single-story mode (the first entry in the whole series to do so), but will instead focus on Multiplayer, Zombies and brand new battle royal featured dubbed Blackout.

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Source: Activision (via Newsweek)

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