Call of Duty is Finally Removing Loot Boxes

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is finally getting rid of loot boxes. Developed by Infinity Ward and published by ActivisionCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 has been experiencing almost universally positive support, save for the drama it incurred once a year-long PS4 exclusivity deal was revealed in conjunction with the game's Special Ops survival mode.

Billed as a soft-reboot of the iconic Modern Warfare series, early reports of the upcoming military FPS have revealed an absolutely absurd PC file size, probably due to the game's undeniably impressive 4K graphics, and a story mode which makes the "No Russian" mission from Modern Warfare 2 look like amateur hour. Although rumors of some sort of loot box-like supply drop system have been circulating for a few weeks now, the Call of Duty team is ready to set the record straight on just how microtransactions will play a role in their upcoming game.

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As revealed in an Activision blog post penned by the Call of Duty staff, the upcoming game will not be employing a loot box mechanic at all, instead opting for a Battle Pass system which will allow players to earn COD points by playing the game normally and using those to purchase specific items, as opposed to crossing their fingers during randomized opening animations. The post promises all functional content which could impact the balance of the game, such as weapons and attachments, can be unlocked simply by playing, while Battle Pass and in-game store items will be cosmetic only.

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The team is also getting rid of Season Passes and purchasable multiplayer map packs while simultaneously allowing cross-play between platforms, ensuring anyone who owns the game will be able to play with everyone else. There will be two different "streams" of content for players, a Free version and a Premium one, which will begin when the Battle Pass system for Modern Warfare launches, probably a month or two after the game itself.

While some fans may mourn the loss of "a la carte" DLC map packs, the Call of Duty team's decision to keep all players involved and experiencing the same content together is a wonderful step in the right direction from a publisher who has famously exploited the loot box system time and time again. With more governments banning loot boxes in video games outright and console creators vowing to reveal hidden gambling percentages in their titles, it seems as if ditching last generation's loot system for a live service-themed Battle Pass is the way of the future. At least everyone will get to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare together.

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