Modern Warfare Multiplayer Trailer Looks Like Best Gameplay in Years

Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer with sidearm

A trailer for the newest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare showcases multiplayer and the gameplay looks amazing. Despite its tight grasp on the first-person shooter market for the last decade, Call of Duty has had its fair share of ups and downs in the past. Call of Duty is a franchise that is always trying to evolve and has received some praise for changing with the times, such as Black Ops 4 taking notes from Fortnite. Unfortunately, that same game has had a few hiccups, too, like becoming pay-to-win months after its release.

However, recent news about the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare does seem to indicate that change is in the air. Out of the many different forms Call of Duty has taken over the years, developer Infinity Ward has chosen to go back to Modern Warfare. Modern Warfare 3, the last game to hold the name, was released in 2011. Modern Warfare is arguably the sub-franchise of Call of Duty that put it on top in the first place. This attempt to make what is old new again will definitely feature new mechanics and bring back classic favorites, such as the return of Captain Price.

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The recent multiplayer trailer reveals what players can expect when Modern Warfare releases on October 25th, and it doesn't disappoint. The first Modern Warfare screenshots were released back in June, and the new trailer shows a lot of the new roles and weapons in action. It also shows off some of the new toys players can get their hands on, as well as new locations, like the Euphrates Bridge and the Azhir Cave. Watch the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer trailer, below.

What the trailer reveals is interesting, but what it lacks is even more so. There is no wall-running across buildings or jetpacks to be seen at all; both of which have become staples in the more recent Call of Duty games. The trailer seems to show Modern Warfare focusing on gritty realism, with an emphasis on brutality. The trailer has a grounding impact, while keeping the fear of being torn apart by a minigun front and center.

Ultimately, this is a very smart move by Infinity Ward and Activision. Call of Duty has become something of a science-fiction franchise in recent years as developers struggled to think of new weapons and new arenas of combat. If all you do is raise the stakes, you're going to reach the ceiling at some point. That point was a few games ago for Call of Duty, but the developers kept pushing and achieved mixed results. Modern Warfare looks like it's going to take Call of Duty back to what it made great, and remind players of why they fell in love with the franchise in the first place.

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Source: Call of Duty/YouTube

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