Call of Duty: Watch 5 Minutes Of Modern Warfare Gunfight Gameplay In 4K

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Sniper

Gunfight is the newest mode coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and it has received five minutes of gameplay in 4K. The mode pits two teams of two against each other on a very small arena-style map. Teams will have to defeat one another within a 40-second timer; if they go into overtime, they'll have to capture a certain objective on the map or eliminate the opposing force before they take it. Rounds are quick and use randomized loadout weapons as opposed to Call of Duty's more traditional customizable classes.

The initial reveal was done via Twitch live streamers, showing them hands-on with the game. Gunfight seeks to replicate the intense personal action players would find in a fighting game like Street Fighter or Mortal KombatWith rounds being very short, players can get in a satisfying number of matches, even if they don't have much time to play on any particular day. It's almost like a mode dedicated to maps that are the size of Nuketown, Rust, or Shipment.

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This new gameplay footage comes directly from InfinityWard, showing a more focused look at the moment-to-moment gameplay without any Twitch streamers talking over the footage. The gameplay itself is from the PS4 Pro version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and looks to be running at a stable 60 frames per second. This lines up with the fast and fluid gameplay Call of Duty titles have always aimed for. Check out the footage below:

One of the most striking things fans may notice during the video is the impact behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's sound design. Things are also certainly more grounded when compared to the series' previous focus on titles set in the future. The ways in which the player interacts with the environment and moves, in general, is noticeably refined compared to other boots on the ground entries. Gunfight will be separate from the core multiplayer playlist, which will consist of larger maps and 20-player battles for the first time in the series.

While Infinity Ward has revealed very little about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's multiplayer component, it appears that it'll be a big change-up from previous titles. Offering an experience that looks like Call of Duty redefined, while still including the core mechanics and systems that have made it so popular in the past. Infinity Ward is going to reveal  Call of DutyModern Warfare's full multiplayer offerings on August 1. If this new footage of Gunfight is anything to go by, longtime fans are definitely in for a treat.

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Source: InfinityWard

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