Call Of Duty: 20 Things Only Experts Know How To Do In Black Ops 4

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 is here, and it's fast becoming one of the most popular online experience around today. Say what you will about this newest entry in the franchise, but it definitely doesn't feel old. The game tackles a popular trend in the gaming world - Battle Royale. This is a game mode that was popularized first by Player Unknown's PUBG, and later become a worldwide phenomenon with Fortnite. Some will say that this game is simply copying the latest trend, but the truth is that it's a highly polished, well thought out version of the Battle Royale experience. Even if you don't like the concept of a Battle Royale mode, you can still play the more traditional multiplayer mode.

Either way, a lot has changed, and as a result, new tactics have come to light. Experts are quickly learning how to completely own other players, and everyone needs to adapt - fast.

Some of these things take time, such as unlocking new weapons, abilities, and classes after hours of gameplay. Some signature weapons will only be available after completing difficult challenges. But a lot of these tactics can be used by people new to the game, right off the bat. A different playstyle is needed for the Battle Royale mode, and it can take time to get used to. Having only one life puts an entirely different spin on things. With time, everyone will learn the basics. Allow us to enlighten you.

Here are 20 Things Only Experts Know How To Do In Black Ops 4.

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombie Mode
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20 Farm Zombies For High Level Weapons

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombie Mode

A lot of people are saying that Blackout is a lot like other Battle Royale games such as Fortnite and PUBG. The truth is that there are plenty of unique gameplay mechanics that really make Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 stand out. One of these mechanics is the addition of zombies to the general mayhem of their battle royale mode. Zombies are nothing new in the world of Call of Duty, but we've never seen them used quite like this in the past. So how can you use zombies to your advantage in Blackout? If you're smart, you can actually "farm" zombies for high-level weapons early in the game.

Zombies can usually be found guarding supply drops, and if you rush in and defeat them, you'll be able to loot the crate they were guarding.

That'll give you some incredible weapons to help you through the rest of the game. But beware, other players will be trying to do the same...

19 Use Perks To Hear Your Enemy's Footsteps Better

Stealth is a major part of Blackout, even more so than it has been in any other Call of Duty multiplayer mode. With much larger maps, there are many places to hide, set traps, and stalk your victims. Just like in previous entries, you'll be able to hear the footsteps of your enemies if you pay close attention to the sounds around you. A gaming headset will be particularly useful in this regard.

Some experts seem to have much keener ears than other players. This is because they know how to use the game's perk system to their advantage. There are many perks to choose from in the game, but one of the best ones will allow you to hear footsteps much better than normal.

18 Get The Signature MX-9 Weapon

Just like any other major triple A title, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was available for pre-order, and you could get all kinds of different pre-order bonuses based on where you ordered from. These bonuses range from different weapons to specialist patches and even in-game credit. Those who ordered the deluxe, enhanced or pro editions of the game netted even better bonuses, including unique game modes.

Anyone who pro-ordered  the game in any edition got the MX-9 weapon.

Not only did they get access to this weapon right off the bat, but they also got a "signature" version of the weapon, which boasts unique skin. This SMG is a fan favorite in past titles, and it's also a very effective firearm.

17 Complete Challenges To Earn Signature Weapons

Pre-ordering isn't the only way to get access to signature weapons. Nor is the MX-9 the only signature weapon out there. Signature weapons have exactly the same stats as their "vanilla" versions, and the only real difference is their amazing, beautiful skins that change the appearance of the weapon. Even though there's no real advantage to using these weapons, they're exactly what online players obsess over these days, and you can expect the pros to be using them.

How can you get some sweet signature weapons? You'll have to prove yourself by completing a number of in-game challenges. These challenges are incredibly varied, but completing each one will give you a different signature weapon. If you complete every single challenge, you'll win the "Masterwork" weapon, which will be shown off by only the best players.

16 Use Standard Issue Equipment To Get Free Special Gear

Create-a-class is going to be a very popular option in Blackout, and tons of experts are going to be creating their own unique versions of the various classes in the game. It works as you might expect - you pick your weapons, armor, special equipment, perks, and so on. As you might expect, you have a limited amount of points to spend on upgrades, weapons, and changes to the standard items you've been issued. If you really want to make the most out of the create-a-class system and maximize the points you've been given to spend, then consider sticking with the special issue items your class already has.

If you learn how to use the weapons and items your class has, you'll free up more points to spend on other items.

With this method, experts can get a "free" piece of equipment that would have cost points in any other situation.

15 Use A Gunfighter Wildcard To Unlock The Full Power Of The Best Weapons

We all know that weapons have been a big part of the Call of Duty series since day one, and that hasn't changed in Blackout. Players are going to get very familiar with these weapons, and they'll learn how to use them in different ways. Most weapons are designed to be used in a very specific way, and sometimes this is very obvious. For example, the Paladin is a sniper rifle designed for long-range engagements.

How do you unleash the full potential of your favorite weapon in this game? Most veterans of the Call of Duty series already know the answer to this question - mods. In this game, each weapon has access to an "Operator Mod," which will unlock the full power of the firearm. In order to unlock this mod, you'll need to use a gunfighter Wildcard.

14 Rush Opponents While They're Healing

Blackout's Battle Royale mode is a different direction for the series. It's very different than any other multiplayer experience. Because of many different elements, experts will be using different tactics to play this unique game. Many of these tactics revolve around the fact that players only get one life, and how gameplay changes as a result of that. For instance, it might actually pay off to take risks in this game. There will be times when both players are hurt, and they'll be healing themselves.

Braver expects will actually pretend to heal, only to rush another player while they're healing.

This is an aggressive tactic that can actually pay off in the long run. Sometimes in order to stay alive, you have to be willing to put your life on the line.

13 Pick The Stim Shot To Boost Healing

Healing is obviously going to be a big part of Blackout, even if you're the type that likes to take risks and rush people. There are many different ways to heal, and you aren't able to heal automatically over time. In order to see your health raise, you must use items. Many of these items are things that you find on the map, but there's another way to heal using your equipment. The Stim Shot is one example, and this can give you a real advantage.

The Stim Shot allows you to heal without picking up any items, as it's part of your inventory. There is a time delay for the healing process, but it's much faster than other healing items that you would find within the map. When creating your Pick-10 loadout, the stim shot is an excellent choice, and it's already being chosen by many of the experts.

12 Use Armor-Piercing Rounds To Take Down Tough Targets

Armor is a big part of Blackout, and many of the experts are relying on it to overwhelm other players. Armor has actually been tweaked in Blackout, and it's become much more resilient. Even without armor, it takes a lot more firepower to take someone down than players are used to, and body armor makes it even harder to finally see an enemy fall to the ground. There is a way to slice through bodies like butter, and the answer is quite obvious.

Armor piercing rounds must be in every expert's inventory, and they'll know when to pull them out to take down a heavily armored foe.

Every player should seriously considering picking up some AP rounds, because there will be a lot of people spamming body armor.

11 Skydive Like A Boss

Just like other Battle Royale games we've seen in the past, players drop into the map from above. You're equipped with a wingsuit and a parachute, and you need to use this equipment to get as close as you can to your desired drop zone on the map. Many players lose out early on because they haven't mastered the art of skydiving.

The good news is that all the information you'll need is displayed in your Head Up Display. This includes altitude, location on the map, and even your wingsuit velocity. Experts like to point themselves straight down into a vertical dive, and hold that position until they reach 60 meters per second. After they reach this speed, they level them out into a horizontal position, and glide at high speeds towards their target drop zone. This is called "infiltrating," and it allows you to sneak into areas without letting everyone see where your parachute is headed.

10 Redeploy Your Wingsuit During A Match

One more thing about wingsuits - you can actually redeploy it during a match. This is a great way to move across the map very quickly, and many experts are already using this tactic to excel. It could be a great way to escape from a hostile location very quickly, or zoom into the shrinking "collapse" zone when you're running low on time. Redeploying the wingsuit is called base-jumping.

All you need to do this is run and hold jump when facing your desired destination.

Obviously, you're going to want to do this when you're at an elevated part of the map, such as a cliff or a tall building. You no longer have your parachute, as this was used during your initial drop, but you're unlikely to suffer fall damage if you base-jump properly.

9 Store An Entire Arsenal Of Weapons In The Cargo Truck

Vehicles are another big addition to the Blackout experience, and experts are going to get very familiar with each vehicle that is available. Each one has their own unique pros and cons, and they can all be used in different ways. Vehicles are essential for those late pushes into the collapse zone, and players will probably end up favoring one or two main vehicles. One of the most interesting is definitely the cargo truck.

The cargo truck isn't fast, and it's not very good at off-roading, but one thing that it does have is obviously cargo space. This vehicle has room for one driver and tons of passengers, which makes it a great option for team play. That cargo space doesn't just have to be used for people. You can chuck an entire arsenal of firearms into the back of the truck, giving you plenty of options to choose from when you reach the later rounds.

8 Know When To Take The Helicopter (And When To Ditch It)

Another awesome vehicle in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is the helicopter. Players who take to the skies using the light helicopter will enjoy a variety of advantages. First of all, this vehicle can carry a total of five passengers, including the pilot. Second of all, it's the fastest vehicle in the game. This allows teams of players to get the drop on unsuspecting enemies, make late pushes into the collapse zone, and pick up team members who are in trouble. The helicopter does come with limitations, and true experts know when to ditch this sweet ride.

The helicopter starts to randomly malfunction in the late stages of the game, and become more of a liability than it's worth.

In addition, the helicopter is completely vulnerable to lock on missiles, which can make you a sitting duck for anyone who has the right firearm.

7 Throw Grenades And Use Equipment While Holding Down The Trigger

Sometimes, it can get a little overwhelming juggling inventory, grenades, and of course firearms. Keeping track of all these things and more during the mayhem of combat can be difficult. This is especially true when using equipment stops you from using your weapon. This leaves you vulnerable to attack, and that could be costly. Well, true experts know that this is no longer the case with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. You can use your equipment and grenades while holding down the trigger.

This makes things a lot easier, especially during a battle royale type game mode. Experts know how to keep their weapons firing and aimed at their enemies, while simultaneously chucking grenades and using equipment like the stim shot and more. This might take some time to get used to, but in the end it'll make each player a much more effective fighter.

6 Grab A Backpack Early On In The Match

Even with zombies and certain exotic weapons, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 seems like a game fairly rooted in reality. Little things like inventory space are taken into account, and this leads to a much more immersive experience. Expert players will know that they need to find ways to max out their inventory space, and a great way to do this is to grab a backpack early on in the game.

There's nothing too crazy about a backpack - it simply allows you to carry more weapons, ammunition, and equipment.

Grabbing one is a great decision, and people who have played games like PUBG already know how valuable they can be. Ideally, you want to be armed to the teeth as you head into the late stages of the game, and the backpack allows you to do just that.

5 Use The Recon Car To Scope Out Enemies

The recon car is an example of a "special item," and it is definitely one of the most interesting tools Blackout experts will have at their disposal. Veterans of the Call of Duty series will notice that the recon car looks a lot like the RC-XD from previous titles. This piece of equipment has a very different function than the previous remote controlled car. While the RC-XD was built to explode, this little car is built only to gather intelligence and peek on your enemies from afar.

Any character can use these little gadgets, and if you find one you should probably make full use of it. Finding out what your enemies are planning can give you a real advantage, especially in standoff situations during the later stages of the game.

4 Use The Grapple Gun To Get Around The Map Fast

The grapple gun is another piece of amazing equipment that experts can really take advantage of in the multiplayer mode. Although this gadget is called a gun, it's really a piece of special equipment, and has no way to hurt other players. That doesn't mean it's not useful, though. The grapple gun can be one of the best ways to zoom across the map quickly, and it can really help smart players get the drop on their enemies. Besides, it's also just really fun!

You get the grapple gun for free if you choose the "Ruin" class, which is all about rushing opponents.

The grapple gun works especially well with the Ruin class, because he can combine the mobility of the grapple gun with that grav slam ability.

3 Watch Body Armor For Dirt And Tears

When many people first started playing this game, they commented that it was impossible to keep track of how much body armor they have left. Health is part of the heads up display, but armor is absent. It might be seen as a mistake - until you consider the fact that you can keep track of armor in a unique, different way. Body armor actually starts to show visible damage on the player, which gets worse and worse until the armor no longer offers any protection.

Expert players know to look out for things like patches of dirt, holes, tears, and other signs of wear. As these get worse, it means that your body armor is taking a beating. Keep a close eye on that, because that last thing you want is for your body armor to fall apart during a firefight.

2 Throw The Reactor Core To Herd Enemies

Another really awesome choice is the Firebreak class. This unique character type won't be for everyone, but there are many players who will absolutely love what this class brings to the table. Just by looking at the Firebreak, you can see that this class is designed for combat in areas with hazardous material and other environmental threats. Firebreak's special equipment is the reactor core, which is a very powerful tool.

The reactor core can actually be used to herd enemies and and clear out large areas.

For those who are tactically aware, the reactor core can be a great way to push enemy teams towards a waiting ambush or trap.

1 Use The Seraph Class To Redeploy Anywhere On The Map

Another amazing class is the Seraph. This is one of the best lasses, and it's not just about her unique abilities. Her appearance is seriously cool, and she's definitely got style. The Seraph has the appearance of an assassin, and experts can use her to ruthlessly take out enemies. Her pistol deals a staggering amount of damage, and it's one of the most devastating weapons in the entire game. But her true strength lies in her special ability.

This is a beacon that allows teammates to redeploy instantly in a specific area of the map. This is a very powerful piece of equipment, and it can be ruthless in the hands of experts. The Seraph can instantly bring their entire team with them to a specific area, which can open the door to all kinds of interesting tactics.


Do you have any tips to share for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4? Let us know in the comments!

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