Leaks Reveal Rumored Black Ops 4's Co-op Campaign & Zombies Mode DLC

Black Ops 4 Zombies IX

A fired member of staff from Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has dished the dirt on an abandoned co-op mode and what's next when it comes to the game's DLCs and Zombies mode. Although developers have broken from tradition to focus on a wholly multiplayer experience, it sounds like the final version cut some even more ambitious plans.

Call of Duty games have become known for their Zombies modes since Nazi zombies were first introduced in 2008's Call of Duty: World at War. As well as two Zombies spinoff games, the mode has become a massive part of the Call of Duty world. Black Ops 4 is definitely different from the previous Call of Duty games, and while Zombies are still a big part, news of a co-op mode would've undoubtedly changed the game even more.

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Posting on Reddit, a user by the name of CadzTrikz has collated all the secrets leaked by the fired QA tester. Exposing a whole bunch of secrets behind the scenes of Treyarch's game, the original poster had the imaginative name CallofNobodyCares and explained how a co-op mode had been in development up until mid-2017. Designed as 2v2/co-op race, the abandoned mode would've still been different to a traditional story campaign. Instead, Treyarch pumped its resources into the Blackout and Zombies modes.

Black Ops 4 Zombies

Speaking of the undead, CallofNobodyCares revealed that Nuketown Zombies is definitely on its way but there is no official date yet. The upcoming DLC will be a prequel to the "Chaos" storyline and include four brand new characters. Elsewhere, each of the game's DLCs will come with one Zombies map and there are/were plans to eventually include a 4v4 style of gameplay — it's unclear whether this is still ongoing or has already been scrapped.

The fan-favorite Nuketown Map is already confirmed to drop on November 13, so it makes sense that the hype surrounding the map dies down before adding Nuketown Zombies to the mix. The addition of new characters is also set to keep Zombies players happy when they've finished exploring the Titanic, decaying prisons or Ancient Rome with Scarlett, Stanton, Diego, and Bruno. That being said, critics have pointed out that only one Zombies map coming with each DLC means the "Aether" storyline may never end.

The original post didn't exactly paint Treyarch in a great light, with CallofNobodyCares claiming that the company only cared about fixing BlackOps 4 when big YouTubers began to complain about the game crashing. Despite the abandoned co-op mode and criticisms, at least Treyarch is committed to continuing its work on Zombies. While Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was always going to be a hit for bringing back the brain-hungry munchers, the Zombies campaign that players are already getting to grips with is just the start from Treyarch.

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Source: CadzTrikz

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