Black Ops 4: Best Places to Land in Call of Duty's Blackout

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Blackout mode is one of the best things Treyarch's new title has going for it, in addition to bringing back their iconic Zombies mode. But given the current climate in the gaming industry, everyone wants to get in on the battle royale genre, which recently has been dominated by Epic Games' Fortnite. It's because of that game and the studio's free-to-play business plan that millions of casual gamers were attracted to this growing subgenre.

And now, Call of Duty is looking to reap the benefits by launching their own battle royale mode - Blackout. As in most battle royale games, Blackout pits 100 players (unless people are playing duos or squads) against each other. From the start, players have to jump out of helicopters and land somewhere on the map where they'll pick up weapons, gear, and equipment, and then fight everyone else in order to win the game. Of course, the last person or team standing wins the game.

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It's standard fare for battle royales, and the map is no different. While it heavily resembles maps from other battle royale games, it's still new to all players. And so, here's a guide that may help players in determining where to land in Call of Duty's Blackout map.

Train Station

Easily one of the best places to land with some of the most consistent loot - not necessarily top-tier weapons, gear, and equipment that will get players through the entire game, but rather a good amount of loot to get players going without being at a disadvantage - is the Train Station. And the best part about this area is that it's massive and has lots of cover, even if multiple people decide to drop in the same area.

Furthermore, it's centrally located between five other major spots: Estates and Hydro Dam to the north, Asylum to the east, and Rivertown and Firing Range to the south. From here, players can go wherever they please before heading into the circle for the next round of fights.


In time, Asylum has the potential of becoming Blackout's version of PUBG's School. It may not be in the center of the map, but it's certainly always packed with people at the start of the game. And with two stories in one house filled with loot around virtually every corner, there are plenty of weapons and gear for everyone (at least the people that are still alive after the first wave of shootouts are over).

It's worth noting that locations with zombies in Blackout tend to have better loot than places that are free of the undead. Plus, if some players are willing to take on a few (more) zombies and perhaps even a small boss, they can do so by heading over to the cemetery nearby. This entire area is one of the few locations where players have a good chance of finding a mystery box filled with some worthwhile gear.

Construction Site

In most battle royale games, there is at least one construction site or firing range filled to the brim with loot throughout. While both types of locations exist in Call of Duty's Blackout mode, it's arguably better to head to the Construction Site at the north end of the map. It's far removed from other major locations on the map, but its multi-level design and expansive area allow for several, smaller, close-quarter fights throughout the area, which means players can still loot top-tier weapons and gear without running into several people at once.

However, just to be clear, that can still happen; after all, this is one of the most populated areas on the map. If players want to kick off the match with the best gear possible, though, then this is definitely the place to land. It's also a great place to end up later on in the round because people tend to land here, grab something quickly, and then head out without scavenging the entire area.

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