15He Once Tried To Use His Fame To Get Out Of A DUI Charge

DWI Cake

Buddy got into major trouble for driving under the influence back in 2014. Buddy’s blood alcohol level was barely over the legal limit at 0.09 percent, but it was enough to elicit some bad behavior from the baker.

After police

pulled Buddy over for erratic driving, the reality TV star began screaming at officers that they couldn’t arrest him because he was "the Cake Boss." The cops apprehended Buddy anyway and the Cake Boss spent a night in holding.

After a few court dates, Buddy pled guilty and was fined $300 and ordered not to drive for three months. Buddy wasn’t fazed by the ruling, though. He was mostly concerned with how this incident would change his public image and began deeply apologizing to disappointed fans.

Cake Boss
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