Cake Boss: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Buddy Valastro

There are a surprising number of dark secrets floating around the family-friendly set of TLC’s Cake Boss. From the scripted plotlines and fake cakes to Buddy’s former brother-in-law being arrested for sexual assault, there is a lot going on behind the scenes that most fans probably have no idea about. 

However, there are just as many surprising skeletons in the Cake Boss himself Buddy Valastro’s closet that will spook and shock fans of the series.

Some stories are shockingly scandalous, like the time Buddy was arrested for a DUI and attempted to use his reality TV fame to get out of trouble with the police, while ohers are surprisingly heartwarming, like his many years of religious donations to local New Jersey churches. A few other skeletons in his closet are just goofy, like Buddy’s harrowing night lost at sea.

With that said, it's time to see what's under the icing with the 15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro.

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15 He Once Tried To Use His Fame To Get Out Of A DUI Charge

DWI Cake

Buddy got into major trouble for driving under the influence back in 2014. Buddy’s blood alcohol level was barely over the legal limit at 0.09 percent, but it was enough to elicit some bad behavior from the baker.

After police pulled Buddy over for erratic driving, the reality TV star began screaming at officers that they couldn’t arrest him because he was "the Cake Boss." The cops apprehended Buddy anyway and the Cake Boss spent a night in holding.

After a few court dates, Buddy pled guilty and was fined $300 and ordered not to drive for three months. Buddy wasn’t fazed by the ruling, though. He was mostly concerned with how this incident would change his public image and began deeply apologizing to disappointed fans.

14 He Was A Pyromaniac

Cake Boss

Though he left high school due to unfortunate (and uncontrollable) circumstances, Buddy was a bit of a bad boy as a child.

Buddy’s parents put so much time and effort into their bakery that there wasn’t always someone around to keep an eye on the budding Cake Boss. The Valastros got around this by having Buddy hang out at the bakery after school.

However, every now and then, Buddy and his friends would be left to their own devices. That’s when things would get a little out of control. At just 11-years-old, he and his friends would get up to all sorts of mischief, most notably starting fires in the woods near their homes.

To keep his son out of trouble, Buddy’s dad put to him to work in the bakery on the weekends, beginning his training as one of the most famous pastry chefs in history... eventually. His first day was spent cleaning toilets.

13 He Makes His Employees Work 12 Hour Shifts For Thanksgiving

Cake Boss

Most holidays aren’t so jolly at Carlo’s Bakery. Thanksgiving happens to be one of the absolute busiest times of the year for the little Hoboken shop, which means that Buddy’s employees must work overtime to prepare for the seasonal rush.

Thanksgiving shoppers don’t come to Carlo’s Bakery for their famous cakes. It’s Thanksgiving, so naturally, they come for the pies-- 20,000 pies to be exact. A team of just 5-10 people is forced to work up to 12 hours a day to prepare the treats for the Thanksgiving rush.

Each apple, cherry, lemon, peach, or pumpkin (naturally) pie is handmade and follows Buddy’s father’s original recipes. Not only does the crew take the time to make each pie with their own hands, but Thanksgiving customers are able to have their holiday treats delivered right to their door.

12 He Fired His Own Sister

Mary Cake Boss

Despite all of the focus on family values and keeping up traditions, family feuds are sometimes unavoidable. After Buddy’s sister, Mary Sciarrone, couldn’t drop the drama, Buddy decided to drop her.

Mary had become notorious for her bluntness and rude interactions with customers and staff alike. Despite Buddy’s own brashness, he felt that Mary’s bedside manner was putting his customers off.

Buddy confronted his sister after repeated incidents and eventually gave her the boot. He swore that Mary would never again have the opportunity to manage any of his several bakeries. While things were tense and awkward for viewers and crew alike, the decision to fire Mary was still greeted with favor by fans of the show who had long taken issue with her negative attitude.

11 He Tries To Take The High Road

Cake Boss Showmanship

When have you so much talent and success, it’s easy to become a target for bitter industry rivals. That’s exactly what happened in 2012 when Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman lashed out at Buddy after his own show was canceled.

Duff railed against Buddy, expressing his extreme distaste for the comparisons to the famous baker. Duff maintained that being compared to the Cake Boss was not a compliment, it was an insult. He also claimed that he and Buddy were not friends, which was true. Buddy later revealed that he and Duff had never actually met.

When asked for a response to the shade thrown his way, Buddy politely waved the white flag instead. He insisted that he had nothing negative to say about Duff and wished him success in all his future endeavors. Talk about a class act.

10 He Talks People Out Of Spending Too Much Money

Cake Boss

Buddy is known to talk customers out of spending a lot of money, but that doesn’t mean he’s opposed to making big bucks. Buddy loves when rich clients spare no expense. However, he tries to keep an eye out for customers — especially soon-to-be married couples — who may be purchasing a cake they can’t actually afford.

In cases like that, Buddy will helpfully steer the clients toward something more in their price range. One bride had had an ideal vision of her cake since she was very young, but her perfect wedding cake would have needed to be covered in very expensive sugar flowers.

Buddy could tell that his customers were severely stressed over the cost of the cake and suggested using real, less expensive flowers instead. The couple were overjoyed by the idea and saved themselves a lot of money.

9 He Has Had Some Questionable Clients

The Cake Boss may turn away customers with bad taste, but beyond that, he tries not to judge the people who walk through his bakery doors-- even when those people end up in prison three weeks later.

In 2009, Buddy made a cake for Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano’s inauguration. The former mayor would go on to be arrested by the FBI only three weeks later based on corruption charges and resigned from his very brief position.

When asked about the incident, Buddy refused to comment one way or the other. While he claimed that the cake was not an actual endorsement of Cammarano, he also refused to say anything negative about the former mayor. “I always stay politically neutral,” he told The Hudson Reporter.

8 He Endorsed Chris Christie

Buddy endorsed water bottle throwing, beach loving, Trump hostage Chris Christie. To be fair, Christie is governor of New Jersey, and Buddy does have unending loyalty for his home state. However, after all of the embarrassing Christie headlines that have come out over the years, you would want to beleive that Buddy would think twice before throwing his support behind the Governor.

Buddy and Christie had actually been friends for years before Buddy’s ringing endorsement. The Cake Boss had even baked a special inauguration cake for his good friend. He praised his pal’s efforts in cleaning up Hurricane Sandy... which is sort of unfortunate, considering Christie’s defiant outburst when asked about the relief efforts for the New Jersey flooding a few years later. During this time, the angry Governor yelled at a student and asked if he was expected to mop up the mess.

Perhaps Buddy should go back to his “politically neutral” ways.

7 He Knew Exactly What Terminology To Use In The Transgender Episode

Transgender Cake Boss

Every Cake Boss fan knows about the cringe-worthy transgender episode. Cousin Anthony went on a date with a woman only to find out that she was transgender. Buddy insensitively revealed the woman’s orientation to Anthony in a terrible Austin Powers reference and Anthony ran away from his date. What a crazy sequence of events... that was absolutely staged and offensive in every possible way.

Anthony’s date, model Carmen Carrera, opened up about her horrible guest appearance on the show. She revealed that Buddy and TLC had known exactly what sort of terminology to use because she had spoken with them about her orientation before filming. Carrera has also told Buddy and the network that she was only agreeing to come on the show so that she could spread awareness about the LGBTQ+ community.

Carrera was promised to be treated with the utmost respect and was told that Cake Boss was “a family show.” She revealed that Anthony had even shaken her hand before filming began — making the transphobic actions of Buddy and Anthony that much more shocking and humiliating.

6 He Won’t Make An Ugly Cake

Cake Thrown in Trash

He may be willing to go the extra mile to make sure his customers get the cake of their dreams, but the Cake Boss still has standards. The customer may always be right, but Buddy isn’t afraid to tell them when they are very, very wrong-- at least in his opinion.

If a client wanted a crazy mix of flavors that will never taste good, Buddy will tell them so. If a bride wants a hideous cake that should never see the light of day, he’ll warn them about that too. Most of the time, a client will take Buddy’s advice. However, if a customer seemed too stubborn to change course, Buddy would try another tactic.

When the Cake Boss thought refusing a client’s requests would lead to trouble, he would simply pretend that he wasn’t available to make the cake in the requested time frame. Smooth, Buddy, smooth.

5 He Dropped out of High School

Cake Boss Scripted

Buddy dropped out of high school, but he’s okay with that. While he doesn’t actually endorse dropping out of school, Buddy firmly believes that giving up his education led him to the success he enjoys today.

Buddy didn’t drop out of school by choice, though. In fact, his father passed away when he was only 17, leaving the Cake Boss to step up and take over the family cake business. Once he stepped into the kitchen, Buddy began to learn how to make more and more elaborate cakes, garnering the attention of the local press. This would eventually lead to him running multiple restaurants and a long-running reality TV series.

Because of his success — which Buddy contributes to hard work and his father’s good influence — Buddy believes that anyone can achieve the American dream regardless of education or background.

4 He Is Extremely Religious

Cake Boss Eating

Carlo’s Bakery struggled after the death of Buddy’s father. Buddy shared his fears of losing the bakery to his barber who called on his local Baptist church to help the struggling family business get back on its feet. Despite Buddy’s family being Catholic, his grandfather would attend the Baptist church from that day forward.

However, Buddy is still loyal to his Catholic roots. Every year, Carlo’s Bakery donates loaves of bread for the St. Anthony’s feast at the Hoboken St. Francis Church. Zeppoles (fried dough) are also donated to Saint Joseph’s Church in Jersey City.

Buddy’s father had begun the bread donating tradition when he was heading up the bakery, and Buddy is determined to maintain that practice.  "I am hanging on to traditions because I want to, not because I have to. I can't turn my back on the way we did things,” he told Huffington Post.

3 He And His Family Once Got Lost At Sea

Buddy had already owned a boat for six years before his scary incident in the Ambrose Channel. However, one July night in 2014 the fog became so thick in the New York Harbor that Buddy lost his bearings and had to call the Coast Guard.

Buddy was sailing with family — including nine terrified children under 10-years-old — and quickly became scared himself. "I'm thinking it's dark... We wind up going into this deep, deep fog where you couldn't see 10 feet in front of you,” he told CNN.

Tensions eased after a fire department vessel met Buddy and his party on his 32-foot Boston Whaler and brought them all to safety. Police confirmed that the Cake Boss had been completely sober and merely got lost in the fog. Buddy promised to bake a thank-you cake for his knights in shining armor.

2 He Hates Undecorated Cakes

Buddy Valastro decorates a cake as seen on Cake Boss.

Buddy has recently noted a trend in the wedding cake industry: naked cakes. Naked cakes are stacked and filled cakes without any decorations on them. Being the Cake Boss, Buddy can’t stand this trend. He believes that cakes need decoration to make themselves stand out.

That being said, he still thinks brides should keep things simple. Buddy is a big believer in the classically designed bridal cake. While many brides want crazy, elaborate designs, Buddy will always recommend that they consider something a little more tastefully simple. 

This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t believe in unique and interestingly decorated cakes, though -- he just thinks that the crazy and weird decorations should be saved for the groom’s cake instead.

1 He Baked The Most Expensive Cake In History

The Cake Boss might believe in simple wedding cakes, but when a guest wants to go all out, Buddy goes all out. When socialite Devorah Rose wanted the most elaborate, expensive cake possible for her diamond gala, Buddy promised to make it happen-- and happen it did.

Devorah’s $30 million cake was covered in emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. Since it was made for a diamond gala, there were also plenty of diamonds adorning the high-priced treat.

The cake went on to break the record for the most expensive cake ever baked. Before Buddy’s socialite cake won the title, the most expensive cake on record was a Black Swan cake made in China for a mere $315,000.

Despite the expensive price tag, the cake was still tastefully decorated with the jewels and decorations used sparingly.


Can you think of any other interesting facts about Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro? Let us know in the comment section!

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