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After being delayed a year in order to undergo a 3D post-conversion (which ended up not happening) and thereafter getting caught up in the quagmire that was MGM's bankruptcy woes, Buffy the Vampire Slayer alumni Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard's The Cabin in the Woods is finally ready to make its way into theaters.

We've rounded up the latest TV spot, behind-the-scenes clip, official stills, and poster for Whedon and Goddard's post-modern riff on the slasher horror genre. Those of you who desire to see Cabin in the Woods with as little foreknowledge as possible need not fret, as the aforementioned promotional material does not divulge any of the film's (supposedly) unprecedented twists and turns.

Whedon (pre-The Avengers) produced and cowrote Cabin in the Woods alongside Goddard (post-Cloverfield), who also directed the movie. The film's primary cast is composed of youthful faces like Chris Hemsworth (before he "became" Thor), Kristen Connolly, Jesse Williams, Anna Hutchinson, and Fran Kranz - with such people as Amy Acker (Angel), Bradley Whitford (The West Wing), and Richard Jenkins (Let Me In) handling the film's mysterious supporting parts.

Check out the latest TV spot for Cabin in the Woods below:

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As you can see, Cabin in the Woods takes the basic setup for your average horror flick (party-happy young people pay for their debauchery when sinister "monsters" attack) and adds... well, some sort of sci-fi twist involving honeycomb-patterned force fields and scientists running what appears to be a surreal, grand-scale experiment. That's been the gist of the Cabin in the Woods trailers to date, at least - though how these ingredients all fit together is a revelation being saved for the actual movie (thankfully).

Whedon likewise remains tight-lipped about the exact nature of this cinematic beast, in a new Cabin in the Woods featurette. That behind-the-scenes clip basically amounts to previously-seen footage, cobbled together with Whedon offering evasive answers to fans' questions about the film - but nonetheless, it's worth a look (see below).

Lastly, we have a handful of new photos from Cabin in the Woods that offer (among other things) a first look at the triumvirate of Acker, Jenkins, and Whitford as the enigmatic officials apparently responsible for unleashing terror on unsuspecting vacationers in the forest. We've also included a poster that's chock-full of enthusiastic quotes and comments from bloggers/journalists who have already gotten to see the final film product.

Have a look at all that in the gallery below (click each image for a larger version):

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That Whedon and Goddard are openly (and recognizably) taking their cues for Cabin in the Woods from the visual and thematic style of classic 1970s and '80s horror fare created by the likes of John Carpenter, Wes Craven, and (of course) Evil Dead series mastermind Sam Raimi - while adding a dash of their trademark repartee and self-aware humor from Buffy into the mix - makes their strange collaboration seem all the more appealing. Count us in, for sure.

Will you be taking a trip to The Cabin in the Woods when it hit theaters around the U.S. next month on (appropriately) Friday the 13th? Let us know in the comments section.


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