Every Batman v Superman Easter Egg Confirmed by Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder Explains Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

Zack Snyder has been revealing more and more secrets about Batman v Superman on social media, unearthing hidden Easter eggs and confirming deeper themes. The director may have stepped away from the DCEU, but he evidently still cares a lot about the nascent superhero universe, happily pointing out details to fans on Vero and even expressing support for a "challenge" to find more Easter Eggs.

Fans of the DCEU have, of course, been probing Dawn of Justice for extra details since it released in 2016, but now many of their biggest theories are being endorsed by their creator - and added to thanks to nuggets from Snyder's "head-canon". They don't just relate to Batman v Superman, however, with the full set of secrets giving DC fans a glimpse into Snyder's intentions for Justice League and beyond.

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There's been a lot of reveals recently, and as to best show Snyder's true vision, we've collected them all here. However, it's worth noting that, while these come from the director of the movie at hand, they may not be DCEU "canon"; they are Snyder's interpretations from making the movie, and as he's no longer working on the shared universe could be changed by Warner Bros. going forward.

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Why Bruce Wayne Abandoned Wayne Manor

Alfred Jeremy Irons Wayne Manor Batman V Superman

The Batman of BvS is different to any other version of the Dark Knight. One of the most curious deviations is found in the fact Bruce has abandoned Wayne Manor. Instead, Bruce and his butler Alfred have moved out to a lake house. But as challenging as that may seem, in Snyder's view, the lake house is important to the Waynes; Thomas Wayne commissioned the lake house as a gift to his mother, built by her favorite architect. Bruce's decision to move in, then, continues the "Martha" plot thread. At age 18, he moved into the lake house in part as a way to feel close to his mother. As for Wayne Manor, Bruce ordered that it be left to decompose.

Of course, none of this backstory is presented as part of the film itself, leaving it open to reinterpretation in the future. That said, it's a detail that does reinforce the controversial "Martha" theme, so it's actually quite a valuable insight.

The Robin Costume Didn't Belong to Jason Todd

Marketing for BvS strongly teased that one of the Robins had died, killed by the Joker, with the shot if Bruce Wayne stood before a case containing a battered costume prominent in the trailers. Comic book fans understandably associated this with the classic story "A Death in the Family," in which Jason Todd - the second Robin - is beaten to death by a crowbar-wielding Joker. Suicide Squad added that Harley Quinn had been involved in Robin's death.

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But it turns out that may not have been Jason Todd's costume after all. In one post, Snyder teased that he may have actually intended Dick Grayson to have been the Joker's victim. Presumably, Snyder was intending to streamline Batman's history, to suggest Dick's death left Batman isolated and alone, never taking on another apprentice.

This is likely to be changed from Snyder's intent going forward, however. Warner Bros. has already commissioned a Nightwing movie starring Dick Grayson, meaning the suit could wind up being Jason Todd's after all.

Was That Robin's Bike?

Jason Todd Batman v Superman

Speaking of Robin, eagle-eyed fans had already noticed a bike in the Batcave. It was clearly reminiscent of a motorbike Robin used in the comics, and they approached Snyder for clarification. Snyder wasted little time in giving it. "I like to think it was Robin's," he replied. "Bruce can't get rid of it." It's a more subtle but poignant detail of Batman's grief, giving a sense of how much Robin's death shook the Dark Knight.

Lex Luthor had his Father Killed

One of the most controversial aspects of Batman v Superman was Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor. This reinvented version combined the '90s "Young Lex" with the modern, mercurial social media tycoons. This twisted Luthor was scarred by a harsh upbringing, saying to Superman "No man in the sky intervened when I was a boy to save me from daddy's fists and abominations."

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It turns out the implications were darker than many had realized, with Snyder revealing he was implying that Luthor had ultimately committed patricide, murdering his father Alexander. However, he didn't go into much detail beyond confirmation, saying he'd leave that "for another time" as "it's a long story." Given his appearnce in Justice League's post-credits scene, we probably haven't seen the end of Lex.

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