Burnt TV Trailer: Bradley Cooper and the Passion of the Chef

Burnt is the upcoming movie in which Bradley Cooper plays a chef, but it has also been known by various titles, including Chef (just like Jon Favreau's 2014 movie of the same name) and Adam Jones. Having settled on a title, Burnt is ready to hit theaters next month.

The film stars Bradley Cooper as a successful and ambitious chef dealing with various demons, and it has a new trailer, following the initial theatrical preview that arrived last month. The latest trailer is a one-minute clip that quickly establishes the movie's central conflict - namely, Cooper’s ambition and love of his work comes running up against his past, which it appears contains former business partners who now want him dead.

Directed by John Wells, the film puts Cooper in familiar formula (down-on-his-luck guy gets redeemed by the love of a good woman); one which he’s employed in movies both successful (Silver Linings Playbook), and not (Aloha.) It’s also not the first time Cooper has played a chef, or even a chef who’s a onetime drug addict. He starred in a 2005 Fox sitcom called Kitchen Confidential, which was loosely based on Anthony Bourdain’s memoir. Coming just weeks after the actor’s breakthrough supporting turn in Wedding Crashers, the show arrived a little too early for both Cooper’s stardom and Bourdain’s, and was cancelled quickly. But Burnt seems to have an entirely different tone - more gritty and dramatic.

Bradley Cooper in Burnt

Cooper has shown in the recent past, especially in his biggest career hit American Sniper, that he can shine in a dramatic role and as a romantic leading man; he’s also reunited in Burnt with Sienna Miller, who played his wife in American Sniper. The rest of the cast (Alicia Vikander, Uma Thurman, Omar Sy, Daniel Brühl, and The Americans’ Matthew Rhys) is also strong, and if the food closeups in the trailer are any indication, this will be every foodie’s favorite movie of the fall.

What’s to be concerned about? Wells, a former showrunner of ER and The West Wing, is more associated with television than movies, and his big screen efforts as director to date - which includes the tepid 2010 Ben Affleck-led film The Company Men and 2013’s overacting extravaganza August Osage County - haven't exactly set the world on fire. Whether or not Burnt will be the exception, is the question.

Burnt comes out in theaters on October 23rd, 2015.

Source: Road Show Films/The Weinstein Company

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