Burn Notice: Winter Premiere Review & Discussion [Updated]

Can you believe that the last time we had a new episode of Burn Notice was August 6, 2009? That’s quite a long time ago. USA is getting almost as bad as HBO with their breaks in programming. While I’ll happily admit that I’m fine waiting 6 months for a new Burn Notice, my incessant need for instant gratification tends to kick in, which causes me to try and Michael Weston my way in with USA PR to get an early look at the returning episode.

When that doesn’t work, I fold my arms and pout until the day Burn Notice returns. Well, today is that day and I can barely hold back my excitement. After seeing no-nonsense Michael “take care” of Tom Strickler for what he did to Fiona, one can only guess what’s going to happen now when someone gets in the way of Michael on a mission.


Right from the start, memories start rumbling and you almost forget that the show hasn’t been on for almost half a year. With that, I’ve learned to embrace shows that quickly run through what happened in previous episodes, because I realize how much I forgot. Like in this case: I totally forgot about Michael’s contact to the CIA getting murdered. To be honest, I actually forgot who Michael was ultimately after or who was after Michael and I think that is becoming a problem with Burn Notice, but I’ll get to that later.

This episode was perfect Burn Notice. They take on a case to help someone who was wronged all while showing you how to do things in the most awesome way possible. Seriously, I could listen to Michael Weston voiceovers for the entire episode. I think the reason is that while there’s surely a bit of Hollywood magic, I kind of believe that if needed, you could totally do most of that stuff he does using the directions from the show.

Still, there wasn’t anything special about the case…. EXCEPT the reunion of Cagney & Lacey. That was just so wonderful to see Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly sharing the same frame again. What’s that? You don’t know what Cagney & Lacey is? Well, I’ll let you check Wikipedia for yourself, but let’s just say that it was the Chuck of the 80s and needed to be saved by its fans (without the use of Subway).

I’d have to say that the chemistry between Gless and Daly really kicked the episode to another level. For a show that tends to lean more towards the action, there was a fair amount of emotion showed between Gless and Daly. I also have to give it up to Gless for knocking the last scene out of the park while not wearing any makeup. It’s crazy to see nowadays.

Now, back to my little rumblings of a problem with Burn Notice. While the show is seriously top-notch programming, I’m starting to have a problem with the whole A & B storylines. Sure, we get the case of the week, but not much is done with the overall 'Michael is burned' storyline and that statement doesn’t just refer to this season. I really don’t feel that much progress has been in that area, at all. It seems like Michael is just bouncing from main bad guy to main bad guy with the same rinse and repeat outcome; they die (or he kills them) and there’s someone else behind it all.

Burn Notice is great, but with a slight tweak it could be even better. Just give Michael something, anything, in terms of progress with his whole burn notice problem. That is, after all, the name of the show.

That’s what I think… My girlfriend often tells me that I’m wrong but since she doesn’t watch the show, I’m riding high with my opinions. I need someone to knock me off my high horse.

This is where you, the reader come in. What did you think of this episode? Any thoughts to my little problem with the show?

Now here are some awesome clips from the episode.

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Delicate hands

Burn Notice airs Thursdays @10PM on USA.

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