‘Burn Notice' Renewed for Season 7 in 2013

USA Network has confirmed that the long-running spy comedy 'Burn Notice' has been renewed for season 7 – and its hundredth episode.

Burn Notice Season 7 Renewal Jeffrey Donovan

USA Network has carved out something of a niche with a number of light, crowd-pleasing television series that end up gaining more-than-decent viewership and lengthy runs. Many are quirky hybrids – especially character-driven comedy/crime procedurals such as Psych and Monk. The formula doesn't always work (one need only look over the announcements of USA's upcoming cancellations for verification), but these strange televised animals can inspire great audience loyalty.

One of the more successful recent examples of USA's hybrid phenomenon is the dramedy/spy thriller Burn Notice. The show's solid fanbase should be pleased by the recent news that Michael Westen and his gun-toting pals will return for season 7 next year.

Yesterday, the USA Network announced that it has ordered 13 new episodes of Burn Notice for 2013. This is a particular win for the show, as its sixth season has yet to wrap up. Burn Notice will air its two-hour mid-season premiere tonight.

Burn Notice stars Jeffrey Donovan (J. Edgar) as Michael Westen, an elite CIA agent suddenly disavowed by the Company and left for dead in Miami. Over the course of the last six seasons, Westen has helped out the helpless with his very specific skill-set, hung out with this his aging mother (Sharon Gless of Nip/Tuck), and tried to unravel the reasons why he was so suddenly "burned" by his former superiors. The show also stars the inimitable Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs) as a bumbling-but-resourceful FBI fink and Gabrielle Anwar (The Tudors) as Michael's trigger-happy ex-girlfriend.

Burn Notice Season 7 Renewal Jeffrey Donovan Bruce Campbell

These new installments of Burn Notice will take the show well past its hundredth episode. This makes Burn Notice only the third television series on USA to surpass 100 episodes. While there is no word as to whether the show itself will mark the occasion, one has to wonder whether the series' occasional bursts of wacky bombast will manifest in a full-on anniversary episode.

Here's to hoping for some more variations on explosives made from household items.

Burn Notice returns for more of season 6 tonight; season 7 will slink back onto television in 2013.

Source: USA Network

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