'Burn Notice' Season 6, Episode 3: 'Last Rites' Recap

Burn Notice - Season 6

Following Fiona's (Gabrielle Anwar) fight in prison in last week's episode of Burn Notice, in this week's episode, "Last Rites", attempts are made to put her under tighter security. Declining the warden's offer, Fiona's administrative visit wasn't a total loss, as Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) has scheduled a time to visit her. Making a connection with another prisoner named Ayn (anything you need), Fiona's new friend is going to help her find the people behind her murder attempt.

Of course, there's a high price for information in prison. Tasked with having to keep a door closed for a specific amount of time, Fiona makes use of a tuna fish can and some sparkles to keep the guards busy while Ayn takes out her retail competition.

Elsewhere, Anson (Jere Burns) makes a phone call to Agent Pearce (Lauren Stamile), providing her with some important information. Referencing her murdered fiance, Anson tips Pearce off about her fiance's murderer, Ahmed Damour, now a CIA asset. Caring more about the intel that the source can provide, rather than the man himself, Michael wants to take all the information away from their target, thus making Ahmed worthless to the FBI.

Waiting until Damour is about to set off on a cruise, Michael, Pearce and Jesse join their target on the boat. Using a bit of poison on both Ahmed and Jesse, the plan is to make everyone believe that they're in serious danger - forcing the ship set up quarantine, a place to take down Pearce's nemeses in full swing.

Continuing the ruse of a viral outbreak on the mainland, Jesse (Coby Bell), Nate (Seth Peterson), Sam (Bruce Campbell) and Madeline (Sharon Gless) head to Ahmed's house to set up a recording device in his office. Unfortunately, Ahmed's son walks in on Nate placing the bug, forcing Sam to make a quick decision which results in Ahmed's son believing that he's been poisoned.

Believing that the CIA is trying to kill him, Ahmed wants his son to make an appointment to sell the information he has to the Russians. Following Ahmed's son to the meeting point, Sam and Jesse are surprised to find everyone carrying heavy weapons. Unable to complete their mission, Michael is forced to trust Pearce at the last moment.

With Ahmed convinced that it was the Russians who poisoned him, gunfire breaks out between the two criminal groups. When only Ahmed's son is left, Nate fires his gun to distract their target, allowing Sam to knock him out.

Finally confronting Ahmed about her fiance's death, Pearce can finally put her past to rest, as Ahmed and his son are in custody, without anything to bargain with.

As the episode comes to a close, Michael and Fiona finally meet in prison, separated by glass. Sharing sentiments of love and reminiscing about their first meeting, it's clear that Michael's presence means everything to her.

On his way out of the prison, Michael is told that he dropped a piece of paper on the ground. Upon opening it, he sees that it's a note from Fiona. With the name and address of the guard working to get Fiona killed in hand, it's up to Michael to make sure that doesn't happen.

And in two weeks, we'll get to see just that…


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