'Burn Notice’ Season 5 Villain Is WWE's The Big Show

Paul Donald Wight The Big Show

The cast of Burn Notice is about to get remarkably larger. Super-sized wrestler The Big Show is slated to make a guest appearance on the highly rated action-drama as one of the new bad guys.

Standing at a staggering 7 ft. and weighing in at a colossal 485 lbs., The Big Show (Paul Donald Wight Jr.) is billed as ‘The Largest Athlete in the World’, and now he is the biggest foe Michael Westen and his band of do-gooders have ever faced.

After a brief hiatus, which brought us Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe, the show returns this summer for season 5. In the fourth episode, The Big Show will make his Burn Notice debut as Griffin Black, a dimwitted thug working as muscle for more dangerous adversaries.

According to Entertainment Weekly, The Big Show’s character is described as:

“a 6’6’’, 300-pound monster of a man who looks like a grizzly bear that just escaped from the zoo with a rap sheet as vast as it is troubling (robbery to indecent exposure).”

Clearly, WWE is happy to over-deliver on the size of Griffin Black, especially if it means a little more exposure for the brand and for Wight. Though he’s been seen briefly in films like The Waterboy and Jingle All the Way, his role in Burn Notice will mark the second time Wight has played a central character on a USA Network program. The wrestler has also appeared on an episode of Royal Pains, playing a B-movie actor befallen by denture cream. Let’s hope he’s a little sturdier when it comes time for fisticuffs with Mr. Westen.

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Meanwhile, WWE fans can probably expect more cross-promotional USA Network appearances by wrestlers at some point in the future. The formula also proved successful when fan-favorite John Cena brought in 3.3 million viewers for his guest-episode of Psych in 2010.

While it is uncertain if The Big Show will be around for more episodes, or if his appearance is a one-and-done type of deal, it’s probably not the last time we will see him – or another WWE wrestler on one of the network’s top-rated original programs.


Burn Notice returns to USA Network on June 23 @9pm.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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