Burn Notice: Season 4 Premiere Review & Discussion

Burn Notice: Season 4 Premiere Review

While most shows are on hiatus for the summer, everyone’s favorite (former) spy is back - as Burn Notice returns this Thursday for the season four premiere. After three months, fans finally get to find out what happened to Michael Weston after being captured by some less than friendly figures.

The season four premiere of Burn Notice picks up shortly after the events in the third season finale. With the mysterious Simon back behind bars and management's head-honcho returned safely to his desk, new adventures face Michael as he focuses on tracking down those responsible for Simon’s escape.

Although, this time, Michael will have more than Fiona and Sam to back him up. With Coby Bell and Robert Wisdom guest starring for the fourth season, the new characters will prove to be extremely beneficial to Michael in his new endeavors.

If that’s not enough, Burt Reynolds will also be making an appearance as a former spy whose story is extremely similar to that of Michael Weston.


"Friends and Enemies"

Michael helps Fiona and Sam protect a lawyer against the city's most dangerous biker gang. Meanwhile, he must team up with an unlikely ally to stop a looming terrorist threat... but quickly finds that no mission is without its price.


While Burn Notice continues to be a success for USA and is one of my favorite shows, one can't deny that it has been showing signs of getting too comfortable with stagnate story arcs – find bad guy, kill bad guy, find out bad guy was working for another bad guy; rinse, repeat.

Thankfully, the powers that be have added some new and interesting story arcs for the fourth season that challenge Michael both personally and professionally. From the start, Michael finds himself in a “private holding facility” and a new character is introduced – Vaughn, part of the team that burned Michael.

No longer is Michael a simple errand boy for a mid-level henchman in an attempt to get closer to some higher entity, he is now working side-by-side with the folks responsible for burning him in the first place. Together, they’re on the hunt for the people behind Simon getting out of jail.

Of course, it is Burn Notice and there’s still the case of the week at hand. Fortunately, even this aspect of the series has changed - somewhat. Upon returning back to Miami, Michael finds out that Sam and Fiona have moved on and began taking cases of their own. An interesting aspect, no doubt, as he’s been taking his relationships with them for granted for quite some time.

Although, friendships aren’t the only thing Michael will be reflecting on - as his relationship with his mother grows by leaps and bounds within first episode. Not since last season's winter return have we seen real, honest, scenes between Michael and his mother. Hopefully, as the season progresses, there will be a lot more, as these heartbreaking scenes reveal a side of Michael that we've yet to see over three seasons.

Still, everything isn't always so touchy-feely - as the bookend segments (that progress the series storyline before the case of the week kicks in) are still present and better than ever. While Michael isn’t running around trying to prove himself to middle management, he is still asked to complete certain tasks for the better good. Unlike previous seasons, the repercussions of Michael completing even the simplest assignments are revealed - as there's always someone to blame, but this time we get to see it.

With that, Michael’s morality is put to the test at the end of the fourth season premiere as he inadvertently does the unthinkable to another spy.

Final Thoughts

The fourth season premiere of Burn Notice is a wonderful start to a highly anticipated season that not only gives fans what they want, but also introduces new elements that help make the series feel fresh and new.

Are you excited about the return of Burn Notice? Will you be tuning in? What do you think of what’s to come for Michael, Fiona and Sam?

Don't miss the fourth season premiere of Burn Notice this Thursday @9PM on USA

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Are you excited about the return of Burn Notice? Will you be tuning in? What do you think of what’s to come for Michael, Fiona and Sam?

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