‘Burn Notice’ Prequel 'The Sam Axe Movie' Adds Supporting Cast

USA Network has announced a few cast members for the 'Burn Notice' TV-Movie starring Bruce Campbell's character, Sam Axe.

Sure, Bruce Campbell has his followers, but how can USA Network guarantee an audience for his starring role in the Burn Notice prequel?  Answer: they can cast a couple of fetching lasses to surround the man and his legendary chin, as Campbell’s Sam Axe prepares to fly solo.

Many of you already know the two-hour Sam Axe movie will serve as backstory to everyone’s favorite beer-swilling ladies’ man, further fleshing out the character and showing him in his element, sans Michael Westen. What we didn’t know, until now, was the particulars of the characters surrounding Sam. As shooting continues in Colombia, USA Network has announced that the movie will introduce four new characters played by Kiele Sanchez (The Glades), RonReaco Lee (The Good Guys), John Diehl (Stargate) and Chandra West (The Gates).

Starting things off, West plays Donna, a “fun and sexy” woman Campbell’s character has recently started seeing. Casting West guarantees there will be no older ladies with cash-laden purses for Sam to chase this time around. Frankly, it’s been too long since Sam had a love interest that didn’t feel like a footnote in one of the stories, or was just the catalyst for his grabbing another beer. With West in the role, it will be nice to see Lt. Cmdr. Axe with a lady on his arm that might even make the debonair Michael Westen look twice.

This is the world of Burn Notice, however, so it won’t be all fun in the sun. The Sam Axe movie centers on a band of Colombian rebels refusing to make friends with the military platoon stationed in the area. The action kicks off with Lee’s field medic, Dr. Ben Delaney, fighting off a group of rebels that have set their sights on the non-profit clinic he’s been running. Meanwhile, Sanchez plays a humanitarian struggling to keep the disdain she harbors for military personnel from allowing decent soldiers like Sam to lend a helping hand.

While the current Sam Axe lives in a world without rules (and a ubiquitous voice over) this earlier incarnation still cashes checks signed by good old Uncle Sam. Diehl stars as Rear Admiral Lawrence, Axe’s senior officer, and the man determined to keep the rebels from turning the place into a war zone.

Burn Notice regularly relies on the supporting cast and guest stars as much as they do the show's leads. Smart casting has been a staple of USA’s ratings-grabber, and with core creator Matt Nix and star Jeffery Donovan stepping in as writer-producer and director, respectively, the folks rounding out the cast of the prequel will likely be asked to do a good deal of heavy lifting. It’s not that Bruce Campbell isn’t enough to get viewers, he is; it’s just nice to know he’s not totally going it alone.


The Burn Notice prequel "The Sam Axe Movie" is slated to air sometime this spring.

Source: TV Line

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