Behind the Scenes of 'Burn Notice' Prequel 'The Sam Axe Movie'

Sam Axe Movie - Bruce Campbell

Even though the Burn Notice prequel, dubbed “The Sam Axe Movie,” is currently filming in Colombia and won’t premiere until later this spring, fans are able to keep a close eye on the day-to-day production, thanks to producer Aaron Ginsburg.

Ginsburg, who recently came off the canceled Matt Nix FOX series The Good Guys, has been providing an in-depth look at the filming of "The Sam Axe Movie" through his Twitter and Tumblr accounts. While production has faced geese attacks, stray donkeys and permit problems, the internet availability appears to be pretty solid.

As we now know, “The Sam Axe Movie” will give fans a look at the back-story of everyone’s favorite alcohol drinking ex-spy on Burn Notice. Set in 2005 Colombia, Lt. Cmdr. Sam Axe is deployed to check out some problems that a local military platoon is having with Colombian rebels. As usual, bad things happen and we’ll see what events led Sam Axe to become our favorite Miami resident.

With camera in tow, Ginsburg has been providing wonderful photos of various filming locations, military vehicles and pre-production planning. On top of that, Ginsburg has also been keeping track of any interesting or hilarious conversations on the set and has been dictating them for fans to enjoy.

You can read some of our favorite quotes below:

  • "So, the dailies didn’t make it to LA… Turns out, they have been detained by U.S. Customs." ~ Producer
  • "Our generator is on fire. Don’t worry, we’re putting it out." ~ 1st AD — only 2 hours into our first day of shooting.
  • "And, look, we can always light his arm on fire." ~ Stunt Coordinator
  • "If it makes me nervous, you know we’re in trouble." ~  Stunt Coordinator
  • [An email with a picture of a donkey attached] “A donkey that Colombian Production found 500 yards from the location. Do we want him?”


The PICTURE CAR DEPT shows us a laptop with picture of a CAR

PICTURE CAR DEPT: Do you like this car for Sam Axe?

JEFFREY DONOVAN: Yeah, that's great!

PICTURE CAR DEPT: We cannot get this car.

::Pause. Picture Car Department gestures to another jpeg on the computer::

PICTURE CAR DEPT: How about this car? Do you like it?

JEFFREY: Perfect!

PICTURE CAR DEPT: This car is not available.




1ST AD: I need to know what -exactly- we have here on location!::Excruciatingly long pause::2ND AD: I'll tell you in five minutes.

As you can tell from those select quotes that everything in production appears to be running smoothly - especially if they're in need of an extra donkey. U.S. Customs holding delivery of the dailies, back to LA, certainly isn't the best thing to happen - but things could be worse. For instance, their generator could catch on fire in the middle of the jungle.

Even though the quotes were hilarious, and somewhat informative, there's nothing like photos. Fortunately, we sifted through all of Ginsburg's photos and, like the quotes, selected our favorites. Unfortunately, Bruce Campbell doesn't appear in any of them.  If you'd like to see all of Ginsburg's photos and keep up date with filming, check out his Twitter and Tumblr accounts.

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Burn Notice prequel "The Sam Axe Movie" is set to air this spring on USA.

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Source: Twitter, Tumbler

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