Fox Orders New Series From Burn Notice Creator

Jack And Dan was picked Up By Fox Network.

Who?  What?

You're probably wondering what the heck Jack and Dan is?  Jack and Dan is about a by-the-book cop who is partnered up with a loser cop whose only redeeming feature is the fact that he performed a heroic deed some years earlier...  and hence, why he still has his job.

The reason I'm chatting about Jack and Dan is because it's from Matt Nix, who is better known as the creator and executive producer of USA Network's smash hit, Burn Notice.

Fox picked up a 13-episode order, each episode is an hour long, and will be a bit like Burn Notice.  That is, as Nix calls it, an action comedy that showcases how the cops and crooks come together and watching them clash.

The history behind this show is that Nix wrote this almost 10 years ago, with the intent of it becoming a movie.  He recently felt it would work better as a series, and the rest is history... or will be.

Now the questions remain:  Can Nix replicate what he's done with the chemistry Burn Notice has developed with the viewers but make it different enough to make it feel fresh?  And will Fox stick to their guns and not give it the Virtuality treatment where they back out at the last minute and make it a one-shot movie?

Time will tell folks.  The title Jack and Dan doesn't exactly catch my attention, but heck, it might grow on me.

Source:  Hollywood Reporter

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