'Buried' International Trailer

Buried movie trailer with Ryan Reynolds

Ubiquitous star Ryan Reynolds will be confined to a single location in Buried, the low-budget suspense film that arrives in theaters three weeks from today.  A new international trailer for the pic has been released and it contains the first actual bit of footage that shows Reynolds in action.

Buried revolves around Paul Conroy (played by Reynolds), a U.S. contractor working overseas in Iraq.  Paul is attacked and kidnapped by a group of enemy soldiers - thereafter, he awakens to find himself buried alive in a coffin, armed with nothing but a cell phone and a lighter.

Rodrigo Cortés directed the single-setting thriller, which was scripted by Chris Sparling - who will also pen one of the upcoming Night Chronicles films - and costars the ever-busy supporting man Stephen Tobolowsky.  Buried was well-received at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, where it was picked up for distribution.

The previous, Saul Bass-style Buried trailer contained only snippets of dialogue and still shots of Reynolds from the film.  This new international preview contains actual footage of a panicking Reynolds, covered in sweat and blood and trapped in the confines of a wooden box - claustrophobes, you have been warned.

Check out the international Buried trailer below:

Buried is only 90 minutes in length and early word of mouth indicates that it successfully sustains an atmosphere of tension and dread throughout.  That is no simple task either, given how limited the film must be in terms of lighting and camera angles.

Reynolds' involvement with the project should help attract the attention of more mainstream moviegoers, though not so much that Buried looks to be a huge hit in theaters.  If the film is well-received by critics upon release, it could garner a number of award nominations over the next few months and become a leggy hit at the box office.

Buried arrives in theaters in the U.S. on September 24th, 2010.

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