Bungie Teases Destiny 2's New Era Coming Soon

Destiny 2 New Era

A new era of Destiny 2 has been promised by Bungie, and according to the developer, the studio's vision of just what that looks like will be shared in greater detail in the near future. Destiny 2 has been quiet ever since its split from Activision early this year, a move that was mostly received positively from fans who had long contended that the publisher's restrictions on deadlines and content releases had been negatively impacting the studio's ideas for its loot shooter.

Destiny 2 remains a popular title with a thriving community, however, even if it isn't the widely-discussed phenomenon that its predecessor was now that contenders have cropped up. Destiny 2's Year 3 leaks a few months ago showcased a game that had direction in the wake of a major change for Bungie, and recent minor changes have been taken as indicators for higher quality content on the horizon. Unlike the mess EA and Bioware have created with Anthem, it appears no ill will has spilled over onto Bungie's public perception yet, and fans are mostly just anxious to see what the developer has in store for Destiny 2 now that it has full creative control of where the game will head next.

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To that end, the team at Bungie has indicated that the future of Destiny 2 will be revealed soon. In the most recent iteration of the This Week at Bungie blog, the developer discussed what's coming in Destiny 2 with the Season of the Opulence, the next content that will arrive as part of the game's live service model. In that post, Destiny community lead David "Deej" Dague revealed that Bungie has plans to discuss what's next for Destiny 2 soon, just after the launch of Opulence and its first raid:

"We'll be looking deeper into the future, and sharing with you more about a new era for Bungie and Destiny 2."

destiny 2 platform transfers

The promise of a new era for Destiny 2 is exactly what most of its fans want to hear after years of being tantalized by a promising gameplay loop only to see it short-circuited by baffling decisions on expansions and quality concerns. Part of the new era will probably involve a change in how Destiny 2's PC platform is hosted: its currently available on but, since that launcher is part of Activision Blizzard, that likely won't last. The game is now listed as developed and published by Bungie, though, which proves that the split is now very much complete and the legendary studio behind Halo is now in full control of the future of Destiny 2.

For the community's part, any news will likely be received as good news. Destiny 2 players really wanted a change, and that's what they'll get with this shift. That being said, labeling it as a "new era" carries with it a certain amount of weight, and we could see anything from a totally revamp of the game to a drastic departure from Destiny 2's yearly expansion model now that Bungie is in charge. We'll have to wait and see, but the future looks promising for one of the more popular current-gen games still going.

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