Transformers Bumblebee Spinoff Unveils New Logo

Hailee Steinfeld unveiled the new logo (and title) for Bumblebee: The Movie. After five movies in the main timeline, Transformers is about to do something they've never attempted before. The first five movies were treated as ensemble pictures featuring Optimus Prime and his team of Autobots routinely saving the world from impending doom. Along this journey, Bumblebee has been the other mainstay of the franchise, most recently serving as the guardian to Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg).

Bumblebee may have seen his fair share of screen time so far, but he has often played second fiddle to Optimus. However, it is Bumblebee who is headlining the first Transformers spinoff. Steinfeld is set to star in the leading role and will be directed by Kubo and the Two Strings' Travis Knight. There is still more than a year wait ahead to see what Bumblebee will offer, but it now has its new name and logo.

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Steinfeld unveiled the new logo on her Instagram story yesterday and it was captured and shared by Transformers World 2005. The logo was featured at the wrap party for Bumblebee, meaning this should be the final tidbit from the movie to arrive before Paramount begins officially marketing the spinoff. The logo does a good job capturing the 1980s setting of the film and even teases Bumblebee's redesign as his classic Volkswagen Beetle form.

Even though this is the current logo for the movie, it should be expected for it to go through some alterations before the movie actually hits theaters. If that is the case, they have plenty of time to decide what changes will be made, but they at least have a good foundation to build off of. Plus, with production wrapped this early - due to the film being delayed six months earlier this year - they should be able to make great headway with post-production before marketing officially begins.

Bumblebee's new look and 80s style logo are the latest teases fans have received of the film's setting. It was confirmed long ago that this was going to be a period piece, but Steinfeld has also teased her character's look in the past. Steinfeld won't be the only one joining Bumblebee's solo adventure, with John Cena also starring in a supporting role. If that was not enough, it has also been revealed that Optimus Prime will be featured in some capacity too. There has yet to be anything else to surface about the film and its plot, so those secrets will look to stay unrevealed until later next year.

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Source: Transformers World 2005

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