All The Decepticons To Expect In The Bumblebee Movie

Soundwave and Ravage

Soundwave & Ravage

After appearing in Bay's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Soundwave is returning for the Bumblebee prequel, though it's unclear what Soundwave's exact role will be in the movie since he's been one of Megatron's most loyal allies and Megatron isn't supposed to appear in this film. However, one of the Bumblebee teasers showed Soundwave fighting Optimus Prime on Cybertron, so it's possible his role is quite limited in the new movie.

What's interesting is that Ravage is also returning for Bumblebee. In the Transformers franchise, Soundwave is able to store a number of Decepticon spies and infiltrators in his robot form, and unleash them at different times. One of those infiltrators happens to be Ravage, who made his Transformers movie series debut in Revenge of the Fallen. While Ravage is shot out from Soundwave in space in Revenge of the Fallen, he appears to take his G1 form in Bumblebee, even launching from Soundwave's chest (which appears more like his iconic cassette player).


Shockwave and other Decepticons in Bumblebee

In the full-length Bumblebee trailer that released in September, it was confirmed that Shockwave would also be appearing in the prequel film. It will be interesting to see Shockwave back on-screen after seeing him lose a fight to Optimus Prime in Transformers: Dark of the Moon's climactic battle in Chicago. However, it's unclear who will be voicing Shockwave in the movie, if there will be anyone voicing him at all. Frank Welker had provided Shockwave's voice in the previous films.

Shockwave is a rather unique Decepticon, with regards to his position as Megatron's trusted scientist and his powerful laser cannon that he's used to kill many Autobots before. Plus, there's his intriguing design that includes a single robotic eye (which he retains as the movies progress). Moreover, following in-line with all the other Transformers in the Bumblebee movie, Shockwave looks to be sporting his G1 design in the trailer, even being colored purple over the original silver color that he had in the previous Transformers films (which he may get later on seeing as those movies take place decades in the future).

Considering that the IDW Publishing Transformers movie comics have indicated that Shockwave had crash-landed in Russia in the early 20th century and that the nation's government used Shockwave's technology to create nuclear power plants, it'll be interesting to see how Shockwave's existence plays into the Cold War in the Bumblebee movie, especially since there's no record of what he was up to in between the time he landed on Earth and appeared in the previous movies.

Will There Be Other Decepticons In Bumblebee?

There's no guarantee these are the only Decepticons who will show up in the Bumblebee movie. Rumors have circulated that voice actor Jess Harnell has recorded lines for the Decepticon police car Barricade seen in the first film; however, that piece of information still hasn't been confirmed and Transformers fans ultimately may have to wait until the movie releases to find out for sure. And while it hasn't been announced (or even rumored yet) that Megatron will appear in the Bumblebee movie - which makes sense since at this point in time he'd be stuck in stasis inside Hoover Dam, being studied by Sector Seven - it's been confirmed that Peter Cullen will be reprising his role as Optimus Prime in the film. Furthermore, Optimus Prime's G1 design has also been revealed.

Of course, there may always be more Autobots and Decepticons on the way that Paramount Pictures and the creative team behind Bumblebee are trying to keep a secret (for fans to enjoy in the moment). Right now, though, the future of the Transformers film franchise is riding on how audiences and critics respond to Bumblebee. It could end up being an X-Men: First Class style sneak reboot of the Transformers franchise, injecting new life into the story through a period piece retcon, or it could be a strange, vestigial artifact before a larger overhaul. If nothing else, it looks like Bumblebee will get to tangle with some surprisingly fresh Decepticons before the next phase.

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