Bumblebee Movie Set Photo: Bee is Back in VW Beetle Form

Bumblebee Movie Transformers Spinoff

The latest set photo from next year's solo Bumblebee solo Transformers spinoff film offers the first look at the lead Autobot's lovable 1980s vehicle form. While the critical and fan reception to Paramount's previous five live-action Transformers films have been consistently negative throughout the years, the Bumblebee spinoff is shaping up to be a much different film than any of its Michael Bay-directed predecessors have been. That includes the hiring of Kubo and the Two Strings filmmaker, Travis Knight, as its director, and the film's unexpected 1980s time period.

The latter aspect is already promising to have a large impact on the overall tone of the Bumblebee film, with the solo outing said to be much more reminiscent of The Iron Giant or the Amblin films of the 1980s than the action extravaganzas that the Bay films were. And in keeping with some of producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura's previous comments, it turns out that the film's retro period setting also means audiences will get to see Bumblebee in a vintage vehicle form unlike any of his previous live-action incarnations.

The first look at Bumblebee in the spinoff film has been revealed online today, through a new Instagram photo taken from the film's set. And while the image doesn't offer much in terms of human characters or any possible story details, it does reveal that Bumblebee will be taking on the form of a VW Beetle at least during one portion of the film's runtime. You can check out the image for yourself now down below:

More #bumblebeemovie set pics. The star and his double.

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Bumblebee won't just look and feel different because of it's time period either, but will also be made with a noticeably smaller budget than what the Bay films were made for. This means that in terms of its scale and overall focus, Bumblebee could have a much more intimate mood than some longtime Transformers fans might be expecting at this point - and depending on just how heavily it leans into its 1980s influences - could be the kind of change in critical reception that the franchise could use right about now.

While all of the Transformers movies have done well financially up until this point, the franchise has been experiencing a noticeable downturn in box office numbers in its past few films, which just puts that much more pressure on Bumblebee to succeed. Not only would that prove that audiences would turn out to see a movie focused on just one Transformers character - rather than entire teams of Autobots and Decepticons - but could signal the potential for other Transformers spinoff films to succeed in the coming years as well.

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