Bullets Are Faster Than People

I've thought about this in the past, but I saw something a few days ago that reminded me about it... Why is it that in virtually every movie ever made which has a good guy with a gun chasing a bad guy, the good guy runs after the baddie?

I mean at some point it's a straight line run, so why doesn't our hero stop, drop to one knee, take careful aim and shoot the dude? I'm fairly certain the bullet will be able to catch the guy who is running.

Now the funny thing is, the movie that sparked me to this was Day of the Dead, the zombie film by George Romero. This is probably the first film where I've seen the guy holding the gun not bothering to chase the other guy, but to just point and shoot.

So what's so funny about it you ask?

The character that had the brains, intelligence and foresight to do this was a zombie.


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