• Steven Spielberg exits Bull after sexual harassment allegations against its series' star. 1 / 10

    Steven Spielberg Vertical
  • Spielberg and his Amblin Television produced the CBS courtroom procedural. 2 / 10

    Bull CBS Michael Weatherly Vertical
  • But though CBS renewed Bull for season 4... 3 / 10

    Bull Michael Weatherly Vertical
  • Spielberg and Amblin won't be involved, a rep confirmed. 4 / 10

    Bull CBS Series Michael Weatherly Vertical
  • The move arrives months after Eliza Dushku came forward with allegations. 5 / 10

    Bull Michael Weatherly Eliza Dushku Vertical
  • She alleged star Michael Weatherly sexually harassed her on set... 6 / 10

    Bull CBS Michael Weatherly Eliza Dushku Vertical
  • And she was paid $9.5 million by CBS over the sexual harassment claim. 7 / 10

    Bull CBS Eliza Dushku Vertical
  • She also said she lost out on a potential series regular role due to the harassment. 8 / 10

    Bull Eliza Dushku Vertical
  • Spielberg has been a supporter of the Time's Up movement since it began. 9 / 10

    Steven Spielberg Ready Player One Vertical
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