15One girl in all the world

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"Into every generation a slayer is born: one girl in all the world, a chosen one.” This already doesn’t really make sense, but we’ll let it go because the Shadow Men obviously had their reasons. However, is there any logic behind why said Chosen One remains in one place?


isn’t the only area located on top of a Hellmouth, nor is it the only town plagued by the supernatural. It defies logic for Buffy to remain there - Kendra obviously went where the actual threat was.

Having a home base would be one thing. We know that when the series starts out, Buffy doesn’t even have her license yet, which would make travel pretty difficult - not to mention that whole truancy thing. Still, it’s never really explained why slaying isn’t a more mobile operation. Thankfully, the comics did address the issue by having Slayer cells positioned across the globe.

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