Buffy The Vampire Slayer: 10 Worst Things The Scooby Gang Has Done, Ranked

Buffy The Vampire Slayer was a cultural phenomenon back in the late 90s and it played a large role in bringing science fiction back to the 20th century. The adventures of Buffy and her friends (known in-house as the Scooby Gang) thrilled audiences globally for 7 years.

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Part of their charm was that the Scoobies demonstrated, again and again, the importance of family and friendship. They inspired people to be better. However, like all good relationships, they weren't always perfect and they did commit the occasional bad act. With that in mind, here are 10 of the worst things the Scooby Gang has done.

10 Xander And Willow Kiss

These two were the best of friends throughout the entire series and they always leaned on each other for support. They were also the Chosen One's best friends so it was immediately apparent that they were good people.

However, when they developed feelings for each other in Season 3 they were both in loving, committed relationships with Oz and Cordelia. They tried to fight off their feelings with little success but it all came to a head when Willow and Xander were kidnapped by Spike. Afraid they were going to die, they succumbed to their feelings just as Oz and Cordelia came to rescue them. Talk about bad timing...

9 Cordelia And Anya Create A 'Dark Sunnydale'

At the beginning of the show, Cordelia Chase was established as Buffy's most unlikeable character. She was mean, shallow and a bully. Through her relationship with Xander though, Cordelia became less selfish and played a more active role within the Scooby Gang.

All that was effort was for nothing, however, when Xander cheated on her with Willow. Shunned by her classmates, Cordelia made a wish to Anya who created an alternate universe in which Buffy never came to Sunnydale and the Master escaped from his prison. Willow and Xander were vampires, Buffy didn't care about anyone and life generally sucked.

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8 Oz Cheats On Willow

Oz and Willow were one of the best couples in the series. They were so sweet together and managed to overcome many obstacles including Oz becoming a werewolf and Willow's kiss with Xander. Fans desperately wanted to see them last but unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be.

When the gang went to university, Oz developed an attraction to a female werewolf called Veruca. Despite remaining loyal to Willow, he couldn't get Veruca out of his head. It all came to a head when he locked himself and Veruca in a cage during their transformation and they had sex. When Willow found out, she was utterly devastated, as were the viewers.

7 Buffy Tries To Kill Everyone

Some of you may be thinking that this should be nearer the top of this list but in a show as crazy as Buffy, you'd be surprised. In the Season 6 episode "Normal Again" the Trio summoned a demon which injected Buffy with a kind of hallucinogenic poison, which caused her to swap between two different realities.

In one universe, Buffy was a patient at a psychiatric hospital who was suffering from severe delusions (the slayer reality). In order to 'heal' herself, she had to destroy the links drawing her back to the slayer world. This meant killing all the people she loved. Ultimately, Buffy chose her slayer life and rejected the asylum once and for all.

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6 Giles Takes Away Buffy's Powers

Giles was the father figure to the entire Scooby Gang and everyone looked up to him. Although they often teased him due to his old-fashioned methods, the Scoobies clearly loved him a lot. In the first couple of seasons, Giles's dodgy past was slowly revealed but all that was put in perspective in the show's third season.

As a result of the Watcher's Council's interference, Giles had been taking away Buffy's slayer abilities without her knowledge to prepare her for a dangerous test which involved the slayer being locked in a building with a vampire. When Buffy found out that Giles had betrayed her, she was understandably heartbroken.

5 Xander Leaves Anya At The Altar

Xander and Anya were one of the longest running couples in the series and a fan-favorite to boot. The pairing of a hapless human and an ex-vengeance demon might have seemed odd on paper but thanks to Nicholas Brendon and Emma Caulfield's chemistry, the relationship became very popular.

The twosome was even set to become married but it was clear in the run-up to the wedding that Xander was having doubts. These worries were exacerbated further by a demon who claimed to be Xander from the future. Tragically, Xander succumbed to his fears and walked away, leaving Anya devastated at the altar.

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4 The Scooby Gang Kick Buffy Out

In Season 7 Potential slayers from all around the globe were being slaughtered by the First Evil and its army of Bringers. It was down to the Slayer to take in the survivors and figure out a way to fight the latest Big Bad.

After a disastrous attempt to storm the First's lair, Buffy tries to rally everyone for a second attempt. Exhausted and injured, the Scoobies and the Potentials point blank refuse. Buffy is naturally upset by this and delivers some cool truths about her friends but by this point, it's too late. This is one of the show's darkest moments.

3 Willow Tries To Kill Everyone

During the series' run, a lot of the main characters have tried to kill the others. However, Willow's turn to the dark side was one of the most shocking and tragic moments in Buffy's history. Viewers had watched Willow and Tara's relationship blossom over 3 seasons and after a rocky patch, the two witches had recently gotten back together.

Their happiness was cut short when Warren shot and killed Tara, prompting Willow to go on a murderous rampage. Not only did she flay Warren alive and try to erase Dawn from existence, but Willow also decided that the best way to end all suffering was to literally end the world.

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2 Spike Attempts To Rape Buffy

This scene was just chilling to watch. Spike had started off his time on the show as one of Season 2's Big Bads but over the course of 6 seasons, he began to change, seemingly for the better. It was a very slow process and only occurred as a result of him falling in love with the Slayer herself.

Being a soulless vampire however, Spike's idea of love was extremely twisted. In order to show Buffy how much he 'loved' her, he tried to force himself on her in her bathroom. Buffy was injured and couldn't fight him off properly and as a result, it was harrowing to watch.

1 Angel Becomes Angelus

It was a very tough call but this had to take the top spot. For the whole of Season 1 and the first half of Season 2, it was beginning to look like Buffy and Angel had a promising relationship going. And then they slept together.

This resulted in Angel experiencing a moment of pure happiness, which caused him to lose his soul. Angelus was back. The deranged vampire proceeded to torture Buffy and the rest of the Scooby Gang, even going so far as to kill Jenny, Giles's girlfriend. What was worse was that it was Buffy who freed Angelus, making her all the more determined to end his reign of terror.

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