The 10 Most Brutal Fights In Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Ranked

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a badass — and she was up against a whole host of enemies, meaning the show had some pretty awesome but brutal fights.

When you're the Slayer, fighting isn't just part of the job; it is the job. As the Chosen One, Buffy is given superpowers so she can easily dispense with the various Hellmouth beasties who threaten the human race. Compared to her, most of these underwordly adversaries are mediocre fighters at best. It makes you wonder why they don't just pack up shop and leave Sunnydale altogether.

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But every now and again, along comes an opponent that gets the best of Buffy and the gang. Skilled as she is, Buffy has had her clock cleaned on more than one occasion. And that's just fighting with her enemies. There have been several instances of Buffy having to go toe to toe with friends and lovers alike. Buffy the Vampire Slayer's cup runneth over with thrilling fight scenes and juicy conflict. Mixing them together is TV at its finest, but some of these scenes are so intense it's tough for even the most devout Buffy fans to watch.

10 Buffy vs. Sunday

It's rare that a Monster of the Week proves to be an actual threat to the Slayer. Sunday, the trash-talking, gothic mean girl vampire, should have been less bothersome than an earache. But as awesome a superhero as Buffy may be, she's also human. As a college freshman, Buffy feels lost in this new chapter of her life and the stress eats away at her. When she crosses paths with Sunday, Buffy is hardly in fighting form. Sunday paws at Buffy like a cat with a ball of yarn, and even sprains the Slayer's arm. We don't know what's harder to stomach—Buffy getting her butt kicked, or the fact that it was courtesy of the most annoying vampire ever. Luckily, Buffy gets her mojo back and helps Sunday "find her way" into becoming a pile of dust.

9 Buffy vs. Ubervamp

The final season finds Buffy and the Scoobies gearing up for the biggest fight of their lives. On the other side of the battlefield is an army of Ubervamps. Unlike regular vampires, Ubervamps have no shred of humanity. They are stronger, deadlier, and even Buffy is no match for them. Or so it seems. Her first encounter with an Ubervamp leaves Buffy reeling, but she knows she has to defeat one to prove to the Potentials that they have a puncher's chance of winning the ultimate battle. Buffy tricks an Ubervamp into a fight, with Potentials and Scoobies looking on.

The Ubervamp has the upper hand and beats Buffy bloody, but she has years of Slayer experience on her side. As soon as she finds an in, Buffy strangles the Ubervamp with a wire. She may look a little worse for wear, but if anyone can pull off the impossible, it's Buffy.

8 Buffy vs. Anya

Having to kill your friends can be such a drag. But Anya put Buffy in a difficult position. Spurned by Xander, Anya resumes her career as a vengeance demon with her powers fully reinstated. Among the wishes she grants, Anya rips out the hearts of an entire UC Sunnydale fraternity. Apparently, this is a bridge too far for Buffy. Despite their history, Anya is a lethal demon and when it comes to those, Buffy's job is pretty clear.

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Even as a demon, Anya is still no match for Buffy. The Slayer stabs her former friend with a sword, but Anya's powers prevent her from dying. Though she lives, the idea that Anya almost dies at Buffy's hand is absolutely haunting.

7 Spike vs. Robin

If anyone has excellent motive for killing Spike, it's Robin Wood. Spike killed Robin's mother, a Slayer, when Robin was a toddler. In present day, Robin lures Spike into a locked room with crosses all over the walls. It's a brilliant move on Robin's part who, though strong, can't compete with Spike's vampire strength. Robin even resorts to psychological warfare, playing "Early One Morning", a song he knows is a trigger which turns Spike into a heartless, violent animal.

But Spike has come a long way. He has a soul now and is able to process the pain of his past, including his own mommy issues. The song ceases to have an effect and Spike, fully in control of his mental faculties, beats the tar out of Robin. He may have had it coming, but it's hard not to sympathize with a man who wants to avenge his mother's death.

6 Buffy vs. Glory

By the time Glory comes around, Buffy has some pretty epic fights under her belt. But nothing could prepare her for facing off against a hell goddess. Throughout Season 5, Glory's fighting relationship with Buffy resembles that of Sid and his toys in Toy Story. Glory turns Buffy into Whipping Girl Barbie, regularly whaling on the Slayer, wondering how much she can take before her head pops off.

But while Glory is Buffy's strongest enemy, bar none, she has no fight strategy because she's never needed one. So when Glory's time on Earth weakens her, Buffy and the Scoobies take advantage. It takes an enchanted troll's hammer, a wrecking ball, and a whole lotta punches, but they're finally able to smite Glory down.

5 Buffy vs. Spike

Buffy and Spike spend a lot of time beating the crap out of each other. In the beginning, it's just business. Spike is jonesing to kill the Slayer; Buffy, understandably, doesn't want that to happen. But then things get complicated. Spike falls for Buffy. She doesn't return the feelings. Perfect grounds for a knock-down, drag-out fight.

Upon Buffy's resurrection, Spike discovers he can hurt her without his chip activating. Alone together in an abandoned house, Buffy and Spike attack each other, hurling vicious insults in between blows. They exploit each other's physical and emotional vulnerability. Their violence quickly turns to arousal as the two have passionate, angry sex that literally brings the house down. These two are poison for each other and like many toxic romances, it all started with a punch.

4 Buffy vs. Angel

Sometimes you have to cut people out of your life. When you're the Slayer, this means literally. After Angel loses his soul, Buffy has the opportunity to kill him but can't follow through because she still loves him. Now, with the fate of the world at stake, Buffy knows she can't make that mistake twice. With sword in tow, Buffy is now ready to kill the love of her life.

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Their sword fight is as vicious as it is artful. Though evenly matched, Buffy and Angel's fighting styles couldn't be more different. Buffy has the grace and agility of a dancer; Angel fights like a battering ram. What makes their fight truly heartbreaking is that Angel gets his soul back midway through, but Buffy still has to kill him anyway. The things we stab for love.

3 Buffy vs. Willow

Willow has been at Buffy's side through every broken bone and every broken heart. They are allies in every sense of the word. The look of dread on Buffy's face as she realizes she'll have to fight, and possibly kill, her best friend is almost too painful to watch. Almost.

Anguished over Tara's death, Willow uses magic to transform herself into Dark Willow. Among her nefarious spells, Willow gives herself super-strength, making her even more powerful than Buffy. Buffy vows to show Willow what a Slayer really is, but she hardly does a great job. Willow pummels her so bad, the audience begins to question whether Buffy will actually die at Willow's hand. The fact that they're eventually able to get past this shows just how strong their friendship really is.

2 Scoobies vs. Caleb

Many fights Buffy can handle solo. Other times, she needs to bring in the big guns. When it comes to Caleb, Buffy enlists Scoobies and Potentials alike. She thinks she's leading them into battle, but in actuality, Buffy's leading them to the slaughterhouse. Caleb has strength bestowed upon him by the First, thus he's able to swat away his combatants like flies. Those lucky to escape are battered and banged up. Two Potentials lose their lives. Perhaps most disturbing of all is when Caleb gets his hands on Xander, gouging out his eye. That's because Xander is the one that "sees everything". It doesn't take both eyes to see this fight is one of the worst Buffy and co. have endured.

1 Buffy vs. Faith

Buffy Fighting Faith in Graduation Day

There are some lines Buffy won't cross, like killing another human. But when Angel's at death's door and a Slayer's blood is the only cure, morality takes a backseat. Plus, Buffy's always preferred being an only child, anyway.

Buffy has fought her fair share of formidable adversaries, but nobody as tough as Faith. Not only do they match each other's strength, they both have supreme Slayer instincts. They've skirmished and scrapped before, but there is no doubting that this one's to the death. Buffy stabbing Faith with her own knife is one of the most hair-raising moments of the entire series. Though Faith doesn't die, Buffy can consider that line officially crossed.

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