Buffy The Vampire Slayer: 9 Spuffy Memes That Will Have You Dying Of Laughter

What happens when you take the best vampire of all time and combine him with the best vampire slayer of all time? Well, you get Spuffy of course. Spike and Buffy Summers are undeniably two of the most iconic television characters of all time, and when they're together they are one of the most compelling and entertaining TV couples in history. There is just so much to love about Spuffy, which is why fans of the super couple still show their devotion to the pairing today.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been over and done with for quite a while now, but it's cultural impact still remains, and the fans of the show still seem to love the series just as much today as they did when the show first aired. And like anything in the world that has a significant and passionate fan base, Spuffy has been the subject of about a million internet memes. Here are 10 of the best.

9 Third Time Hopefully Isn't The Charm

There are a lot of reasons to ship Spike and Buffy together, but one of the biggest reasons is that even when Spike completely hated Buffy he at least respected her hustle.

Buffy is a vampire slayer, which makes her extraordinary enough, but even within the annals of slayer history, Buffy is the most extraordinary slayer who ever lived. When one slayer dies the next one is called, but Buffy is not like the typical slayer. When she dies, she just gets back up again and keeps fighting. Any normal person can abide by the "you only live once" motto, but with Buffy that is just factually incorrect.

8 Desperation Isn't A Good Look

William the bloody certainly has many appealing qualities as a man, a vampire, and a general love interest. However, his insane, stalker level thirst is not one of them.

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Spike did eventually manage to win over Buffy's heart and he proved himself as a genuine, kind, and loving man, but he did a lot of weird and creepy stuff before he actually got there. Obtaining his very own Buffy bot was probably the worst of the worst, but he did a lot to throw wrenches into the real Buffy's love life in the faint hope that someday the slayer would actually look his way.

7 Always Aim For The Best

There have been many vampires that have crossed Buffy's path and made memorable appearances on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but it's hard to deny that Spike may just be the best of the best. He's everything that a vampire wants to be, and he really embraces the best things about being a vampire whether he has a soul or not.

Dracula was obviously a loser. Angel was great, but he was terrible at being an actual vampire. But Spike is the actual best vampire. He's smoking hot, he knows how to have fun, he absolutely lives it up and he doesn't spend too much time mourning his more monstrous behaviors.

6 This Ship Cannot Sink

Spike may not have been the be all and end all of Buffy's love life, but one thing was for sure. Once he got under her skin, there was no getting him back out again, no matter how many of her former boyfriends showed up to potentially blow iceberg sized holes into the ship of Spuffy.

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Honestly, assuming that Riley could ever take the place of Spike is a joke, he was obviously Buffy's least interesting and least loved boyfriend. And Angel may have been her endgame love, but that doesn't change the fact that Spike was exactly the guy that Buffy needed when she needed him.

5 She Likes Living On The Edge

Spike might have a habit of being a total jackass, but he's definitely not wrong. What was always so killer about the relationship between Spike and Buffy is that regardless of whether or not they hated each other or loved each other, Spike could always read Buffy easier than Hermione Granger could read a book.

Buffy has to live her life on the edge, so she tends to like her boyfriends on the edge as well. It took ages for Spike to actually win Buffy over, but ultimately Buffy falling for Spike was totally inevitable because he is her type down to the letter.

4 You're A Very Bad Man

Can't everyone just get along? Well... probably not. At least not when it comes to Spuffy vs. Bangel. Now that Buffy has been over for more than a decade the ship war between those who favored Spike and favored Angel has died down a bit, but the Spuffy fans will never forget that Angel is the goody two-shoes bad boy that nearly did in Spuffy for good.

Angel may have been able to win over Buffy's love, but Spike undeniably won the love of most Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans in a way that Angel could never even hope to compete with.

3 One Time He Punched Me In The Face, It Was Awesome

Spike really is like the Regina George of vampires, except he's much, much cooler. And he also has fewer friends. Spike is a master of creating his own mystique, and while the man beneath the myth might not be everything that he pretends to be, he excels at creating the image that every vampire dreams of being.

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It's not hard to believe that he hired himself out as some kind of attraction in Japan, and it's even easier to believe that his hair is insured for $10,000. To be frank, that iconic coif could reasonably be insured for at least ten times as much.

2 The Couple That Slays Together Stays Together

It's not even up for debate whether or not Buffy Summers could slay the entire Cullen family and the Volturi blindfolded and with one hand tied behind her back, and it's equally unquestionable that Spike would want to off every single one of the Twilight vampires just for being such embarrassments to the name of vampires. But boy, would Spuffy have a blast taking out the sparkle squad together.

Buffy loves to live in denial about quite how much she really does enjoy a good slay, and what's wonderful about her relationship with Spike is that his utter glee when it comes to mindless violence seems to be a bit infectious.

1 Mr. Right

Buffy had to go through a lot of relationship and romance growing pains as she grew up herself, and her relationships with Angel and Riley definitely helped her become the woman that she needed to be. But what made Spuffy the best of all Buffy ships is that it was the relationship that showed Buffy everything that she could be, and everything that the world could be too.

Spike truly loved her, and although she may not have realized it at the time, on some level Buffy definitely did feel the same. Buffy was her worst self when she got together with Spike, but she became her best self with him too.

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