Buffy The Vampire Slayer: 5 Outfits That Are Totally '90s (& 5 That Work Today)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer ran from 1997-2003. There were some notable fashion moments featured. Some outfits were of their time, but some are timeless.

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The premise, the Scooby Gang, the struggle of good versus evil… There was and still is a lot to love here. Plus, this show ran from 1997 to 2003, so there were some very notable fashion moments featured amongst it all, as well. Some of these ensembles definitely look like they are from that time period, but some of them would even look cute today!  

10 Totally ‘90s: Willow’s Look

We are starting out with one of the most ‘90s looks ever, seen here on Willow. First up, there is the hairstyle, with the little tendrils hanging down around her face. For some reason, in the late ‘90s and the early ‘00s, girls did this, whether they were sporting a casual ponytail or fancy updo for prom. Then, there is the choker. These are back around, but when combined with the hair and the polo-style collar, this look definitely seems outdated.

9 Could Still Work: Spaghetti Layers

Now, this is an outfit that is certainly from the 1990s, but trends from that time are coming back into style, so this could be worn today, too! What Buffy has done is put a spaghetti-strap shirt underneath a long-sleeve shirt, creating visual interest. Little bitty straps like that were all the rage back then, and people layered shirts and dresses and other shirts and skirts in really cool ways. We love that this totally Buffy look is still trending here and now. 

8 Totally ‘90s: Oversized Flannel

There is another trend from this time that just does not seem to make sense, and that would be oversized flannel shirts. Guys and gals were seen rocking this style and this print quite often. It could have been tied around the waist. It may have been worn over a T-shirt. Or it could fly solo, like in this pic of Summers. While it was all the rage once upon a time, this is something that is not as cool in today’s day and age. 

7 Could Still Work: Animal Print

Animal print is like denim or a neutral: It never goes out of style. It can be dressed up or down. It works on nearly everyone. And it can be customized in so many great things. At this particular moment, Summers chose to wear a simple leopard-print top with a scoop neck, a ponytail and gold hoops.

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There is nothing totally outdated here, so this is something that could be purchased and worn in 2019. In fact, leopard print seems to be trending even more than usual, so this is a great choice for here and now!

6 Totally ‘90s: Another Willow Look

Another example from Willow is up next, and once again, there are several elements from the 1990s to focus on and study. There is the choker, which, as stated, has made a comeback, but this one reminds us of ones we used to make ourselves in elementary school. There are the overalls. This is something else that is back in style, but cute ones... not baggy off-white ones. And there is the athletic-style sweater underneath, which looks like something from our closet from that decade.

5 Could Still Work: Tie-Dye

The tie-dye print has come and gone in waves. It was totally groovy in the ‘70s, it popped back up in Buffy’s time and as it is seen on clothing items in 2019. That being said, this shirt is one that could, again, be seen and worn now. It is pretty simple, with its tank style, its blue and white coloring, and its circular tie-dye print. No one could pull it off like this chick did in this episode, though!

4 Totally ‘90s: Willow’s Overalls

Yes, it is an additional Willow ensemble, and she is wearing overalls again! There is an important reason for discussing this on the “totally ‘90s” side of things, though. As stated up above, overalls are back in style, but the cut seen today is very different than how it was in the 1990s.

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Overalls today are cuter and more modern, while back in the day, they were baggier, as seen here, with a more casual vibe (rather than a trendy one). So while this is close to being a modern-day option, this is, sadly, another losing look for this side chick.

3 Could Still Work: Classic Coat

Every closet has some staple pieces in it, basics that are timeless… such as this coat. Buffy appears to be very polished and put together and elegant here, all due to this brown leather outer layer. Underneath, she could be wearing a nightmare-of-an-outfit from the 1990s, but that does not matter! This coat changes everything, this coat is as fabulous now as it was then, and this coat belongs in our closet ASAP.

2 Totally ‘90s: All Of This

If one studies this image, one could find some clothing items that could be worn today, as well as some trends that are on the rise in 2019. Overall, though, this is so from the late 1990s and early 2000s! There is Justin Timberlake-like blonde hair, resembling ramen noodles. There are crop tops with graphic prints and/or ruffles. There are chunky blonde highlights. Someone could just glance at this photograph and know when it is from, easily, and if it is up to us, then we hope it stays way back then. 

1 Could Still Work: Black On Black On Black

Last but not least is another outfit from the star, Buffy, and another outfit that is made up of classic and staple and neutral pieces. There are black leather boots, there are slim black pants, and there is a black tank top. These three items could be worn in so many different ways, and back in the day, Buffy wore them all at the same time, with nothing else, for a chic ensemble that could easily be worn while fighting off the Big Bad or while hanging out with friends.

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