25The Trio

The Trio from Buffy

One of the reasons for The Trio’s existence was that they proved how messed up Buffy was, as she couldn’t even take on three nerds with a god complex.

The Trio are some of the worst villains Buffy and crew faced. They’re also the weakest, by far.

The only reason why the collection of Warren, Jonathan, and Andrew lasted as long they did was because they were active at a time when Buffy was clinically depressed.

The Trio did manage to have

some impact, mainly through their leader Warren. Warren was responsible for claiming the life of his ex-girlfriend and Tara.

However, both were accidents. Warren couldn't even be evil right.

Collin, the Anointed One (Andrew J. Ferchland) in an episode of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'
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