5 Characters We Hope To See In The Buffy The Vampire Slayer Reboot (And 5 Who Can Stay Away)

Last year, it was announced that Joss Whedon’s popular TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was being rebooted. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is most remembered through its use of strong female characters and clever writing. Though few details have been revealed about the new series, we do know that it is going to be a continuation of the original with a new slayer assuming center stage. The good news is this leaves the door open for the show’s original cast members to cameo or even be a part of the series.

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With this in mind, here is our list of 5 characters we want to see for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot (and 5 we don’t).

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10 Dawn (Don’t Want)

Dawn is likely the character audiences would least like to see earning a comeback. Buffy’s younger sister was abruptly introduced in the series’ fifth season, somewhat serving as an antagonistic force during certain points of the show. Though her confusing introduction is eventually explained, she never truly got to a point where her character stood on her own. She constantly felt like an annoyance to the rest of the crew and often behaved in a very obnoxious manner.

Furthermore, most of her more important moments in the series seemed to only exist to further develop another character. Sometimes, it even feels as though her plots points were just other characters cleaning up whatever mess she’d just made. While some people may have liked what her character brought to the table, she is just not at all necessary to the upcoming reboot.

9 Oz (Want)

Seth Green as Oz in Buffy

Seth Green is amazing in just about everything he does, Buffy the Vampire Slayer included. As Oz, he always brought a lot of comedic relief and served as a fantastic addition to the crew. Furthermore, while his story did get resolved in the original series, there’s still a lot that can be filled in or built upon that could easily come about in this new series.

Oz could even offer “fatherly advice” of sorts for the new cast that can be used to add humor and heart. The werewolf's knowledge of lycanthropy could also come in handy depending on how the new show chooses to incorporate it. Oz is also not too big of an original cast member, making him perfect for the reboot.

8 Cordelia (Don’t Want)

Much like Dawn, Cordelia served very little purpose in the original series. Though she did, in fact, grow as a character, there were definitely some more interesting approaches to her that could have been made. While it’s obvious that her character is supposed to be frustratingly annoying, she isn’t relevant enough to warrant a return to the series.

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Even after Cordelia left the series for the first time, the show never seemed to miss a beat. Even though she had quite a bit of screen time, she was never quite an audience favorite. For the way her character was portrayed, Cordelia doesn't feel like she'd quite fit in with the feel of the new reboot.

7 Anya (Want)

While Anya died during the original show's finale, it would still be nice to see her make a return. Anya differs from Tara in the sense that Anya still felt like she had room to grow as a character. She also has a much more extensive supernatural background than Tara, making it more believable that she would somehow come back. Anya was always a more positive representation of feminism, due to her independence and unwillingness to bend. This is a trait showrunners could easily play up and build upon.

Anya exists to defend and exact revenge for wronged women, and this is something that could be translated very well to current events. In being a former demon, Anya’s return can easily inject conflict, morality, and some interesting supernatural twists into the reboot.

6 Tara (Don’t Want)

Though Tara died in the original series, in the world of the supernatural, anything is possible. Bringing her back is something that could easily be done. However, though Tara was a great character, it would almost seem like a slap in the face to just have her return. Her death was a heartbreaking and traumatic one, but it also served to develop characters and push certain story arcs further.

Part of what really drove Willow’s arc and made her a more compelling character was the loss of Tara. Instead, if the showrunners feel the need to involve Tara in any way, it would be nice to see Willow's actions continue to honor her.

5 Willow (Want)

When people think of Alyson Hannigan, they usually remember her roles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer or How I Met Your Mother. In regards to Buffy, Willow proved not only to be memorable but also served as an important figure in the early days of gay representation on TV. As a witch, she could continue to introduce elements of the supernatural into the new show. As an original cast member, she should be able to bring back a lot of nostalgia and helps keep the two series tonally similar.

Willow had also really grown into herself as the original series progressed, so it would be interesting to see what other developments the lovable witch has undergone throughout the years. Overall, Willow would be a great addition to the reboot while helping to balance the tone in comparison with the original.

4 Angel (Don’t Want)

In all seriousness, Angel really doesn’t need to return. Though he is a fan favorite, he left his mark on the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer and fans got to see his story continue in his solo series. Furthermore, much of Angel’s existence in the show served to develop Buffy herself. By the time she had grown past him, he had served his purpose as a character.

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That’s not to say Angel didn’t belong in the original series. It’s just that with the combination of his arc in the original series and his own spin-off, Angel’s story has come to a fulfilling conclusion. While David Boreanaz did well in the role and is a great actor, the Angel character really has no reason to make a return.

3 Giles (Want)

Giles often served as the “Chief” or father figure of the original Scooby gang. As the mentor role, he offered a lot of guidance and knowledge as Buffy grew into her role as a slayer. Anthony Stewart Head could easily reprise his role as Giles and continue to serve as a mentor for the new group. Now that time has passed, he could be reintroduced as a much more rugged individual and provide wisdom as the new slayer comes to grow into her abilities.

Giles could continue to serve as the watcher, or oversee a newcomer into the position. Since he was always an integral part of the original series, the sense of heart and intelligence that Giles brought is something the new cast would definitely want to capture.

2 Drusilla (Don’t Want)

Spike and Drusilla in Buffy

Throughout the original Buffy series, Drusilla always seemed to feel like a weaker villain. Although she a played a pretty crucial role in the plot for a while, she never came across as a truly great threat and frankly, wasn’t even all that scary. It always seemed as though more could have been done for her character. Much like Cordelia, the show never felt like it was missing something whenever Drusilla was gone. Though her character was always an interesting concept, poor execution really left her as a much more lackluster antagonist with her full potential never truly realized.

1 Buffy (Want)

Who better to reprise their role than the original lead actress? Sarah Michelle Gellar could train and guide the new slayer as she did in the past. The original Buffy could offer her experiences, which would also allow the new lead to not make the same mistakes. Furthermore, the original Buffy would be the best person to “pass the torch” to the new cast so to say.

Gellar’s role as Buffy is a defining moment for female leads in television. Buffy continuously broke down gender stereotypes and paved the way for more strong, female protagonists. Since the reboot seems to aim for some of the same accomplishments, Buffy herself would be a great way to include some of those elements.

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