Sebastian Stan: Bucky Would Correct History If He Had the Infinity Gauntlet

Sebastian Stan revels Bucky would go back in time to "fix all of the things he's done wrong" if he was able to use the Infinity Gauntlet. One of the unfortunate heroes who was snuffed out of existence following Thanos' deadly snap in Avengers: Infinity War, Bucky, at this moment, is currently a pile of dust. But that doesn't mean that he'll stay that way for long. Avengers 4 is expected to rewrite history through time-travel and in the process resurrect most, if not all, of the killed of Avengers' due to the Mad Titan's galactic genocide.

Bucky is a unique MCU character in a sense that it's been part of the franchise since Phase 1, but it seems like his journey as a hero is just getting started. Shedding off his villainous persona, The Winter Soldier, and officially assuming the persona of the White Wolf as seen in the post-credit scene of Black Panther. Now that he seems to be in a more stable head space to be a hero, Stan shares what he thinks Bucky would do if he's able to use the power of all six Infinity Stones, and his answer is pretty simple.

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Attending Ace Comic-Con over the weekend (via ComicBook), Stan was asked what he would've wanted to do if Bucky was given the opportunity to wield the powerful Infinity Gauntlet. "There's only one place he'd go which is back in time, y'know? Yeah, he'd probably go back in time, right, try to fix all of the things he's done wrong for starters. Maybe not get on that train? I don't know," he said. It sounds a waste of opportunity since he really just need the Time Stone to do this, but it only goes to show how attuned Stan is with his MCU character as instead of coming up with a grand plan to use the magical glove, he just really want to fix Bucky's life.

Captain America The First Avenger - Bucky and Steve

Considering Bucky's long history in the MCU, it makes sense why Stan would like to go back to where it all started. That said, it's hard to imagine that he won't be insisting on fighting with Steve considering how tight their bond is. Not only would it be so uncharacteristic of him, it'd also mean that he would've lived as a normal life with a normal life-span. This means that like Peggy Carter, he may have already died or at the brink of dying due to old age. And that would be such a loss especially since Marvel Studios is seemingly building him up to be one of their core heroes come Phase 4.

Perhaps a better answer - one that would not diminish the character's rich history that actually makes him one of the most interesting players in the franchise - is to go back on the night that he killed the Howard and Maria Stark while under the influence of HYDRA. While it's probably not the vilest thing he's done as The Winter Soldier, this specific mission had some huge ramifications in the MCU, particularly in Tony Stark and Steve Rogers' relationship as seen in Captain America: Civil War. In fact, if it wasn't for that, perhaps the Avengers are still together and he may have even be welcomed to join them despite his past.

There's a slim chance that Bucky would be wielding the Infinity Gauntlet considering the narrative situation that the MCU is in right now. Having said that, he can still be a key player moving forward in the franchise after founding heroes like his buddy Steve Rogers have retired from their Avengers gig.

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Source: ComicBook

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