Winter Soldier Infinity War Figure Features Disintegrating Arm

An Avengers: Infinity War figure of Bucky Barnes will include a disintegrating arm as an accessory. Released in theaters this past April, Marvel Studios' epic crossover event was a very successful blockbuster, earning positive reviews from critics and more than $2 billion at the worldwide box office. Serving as the beginning of the end for the franchise to date, many viewers left the theater stunned when Thanos accomplished his goal and snapped half of the universe's population out of existence. This meant, of course, several beloved heroes from the MCU perished in the aftermath. The survivors watched in horror as their friends turned to dust.

One of the first to go was Bucky, who fought valiantly in the Battle of Wakanda. What made his fate all the more unfortunate is that things were finally starting to look up for him as he recovered under the care of Shuri. Given that Sebastian Stan's nine-picture deal with Marvel isn't completed yet, odds are Bucky will return in Avengers 4, but for now, he's one of the billions deceased. And Marvel's licensing partners are having a bit of fun with the character's current state in the movies.

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Hot Toys revealed a sixth-scale Bucky figure based on his appearance in Infinity War, which is now available for preorder. The image gallery on the company's official site includes a picture running down the various accessories included. In typical Hot Toys fashion, there are a number of interchangeable hands and weapons, as well as a figure stand. Also being kept under lock and key for now is a "disintegrating mechanic arm," most likely so collectors can replicate the ending of Infinity War in their display cases.

Hot Toys prides itself on deliver high-quality products that are extremely authentic replications of what's on the screen. Often times, their sculpts are eerily life-like and in some cases threaten to enter the uncanny valley. It isn't all that surprising, then, that they'd look to take things to the next level and make it seem like their latest Bucky figure is about to fall victim to Thanos. It's a fun wrinkle that provides fans with a new variant and helps this figure stand out from the others. Completists may feel the urge to purchase this Bucky simply for the disintegrating arm, while Hot Toy newcomers now have an ideal launching point.

It'll be interesting to see if any other Infinity War-based figures include their own disintegrating limbs, and if Hot Toys felt so inclined, there's no shortage of options. Regardless, this Bucky looks like it'll be a worthwhile addition. Not only does it look great on its own, it's a nice companion piece to the Rocket figure, so people can recreate their brief moment in Infinity War.

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Source: Hot Toys

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