Captain America Fan Art Imagines if Bucky Takes Over for Steve Rogers

Bucky Barnes takes over the Captain America mantle from Steve Rogers in this brand new fan-made artwork. One of the most enduring relationships in the MCU, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes' friendship has had its ups and downs, but just when it seemed like they were finally ready to take on the modern world after resolving their own issues, the events of Avengers: Infinity War unfolded, leaving them once again separated. Despite their different fates, many are still hoping for a reunion for the best pals.

With Avengers 4's catastrophic nature, it's safe to say that the MCU will suffer some real losses in next year's Phase 3 capper. Steve's fans have been preparing for the worst in case the super soldier bites the bullet for real this time. The fear seems to have been further fueled by Chris Evans' very emotional social media post commemorating his last day of filming the upcoming ensemble movie. So while it's undoubtedly difficult imagining the franchise without one of its most important heroes, conversations about who might pick up the shield after he's gone have been going around for quite a while now.

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Digital artist Ivan Dedov imagined what Bucky would look like as Captain America in brand new illustrations. There are two suit variants: heroic and combat costumes, and while both stuck quite closely to the costume design that Steve wore later on in his MCU history, there are several alterations making it uniquely Bucky's as it also mines inspiration from his very own Cap suit from the pages of the comic books.

Captain America The First Avenger - Bucky and Steve

While there's precedence in the comic books, it's uncertain if Marvel Studios will take this route when it comes to handling Steve Rogers' supposed death in Avengers 4. Black Panther gave Bucky a brand new heroic persona in the White Wolf (who has his own adventures in print), shedding off his Winter Soldier nickname. And although he really hasn't been explicitly called as his new moniker, it would be quite jarring if they immediately drop the title given that he has just gotten it. If it's not going to be Bucky another possible candidate to become the next Captain America is Sam Wilson aka. Falcon (Anthony Mackie). It would be interesting, however, to know whether or not he'll undergo any physical enhancement procedure like the original bearer of the shield given that Sam's superhero skills mainly comes from his suit. 

Perhaps it would be better if Marvel Studios don't rush replacing Steve as Captain America. The character is one of the founding members of the MCU and has been one of the most beloved heroes in the franchise. Seeing someone else with the shield will be difficult for many especially if he's supposed death is still fresh in people's minds. Much like Robert Downey Jr. with Tony Stark/Iron Man and Chris Hemsworth with Thor, Evans made the character his own, it will be tough for anyone to fill his shoes as the Star Spangled Avenger.

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Source: Ivan Dedov

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