Bryan Singer Explains 'X-Men: First Class' Story & Characters

At last, we have answers to some of the burning questions regarding X-Men: First class, its story and characters! After the onslaught of recent casting announcements for Bryan Singer and Matthew Vaughn's X-Men prequel, fans were left wondering what direction the project was taking and what possible story they were trying to tell, considering the seemingly odd and somewhat inconsistent character choices.

With two poorly received X-Men films in a row, moviegoers are skeptical of the franchise and the reactions have been very mixed from the latest X-Men: First Class news reports. To clarify the First Class confusion and answer key questions about what the next X-Men installment is about, Bryan Singer reached out today to ease the tension and set the record straight.

Singer called Harry Knowles of Ain't It Cool News and entered into a detailed discussion about his story for First Class, confirming some of the character reports and revealing the setting of the film. Here are the details in point-form:


  • X-Men: First Class is not like the "X-Men: First Class" comics, hence the significant character differences.
  • It takes place in the 1960s where Kennedy is still president.
  • Equality and racism are key issues with Martin Luther King and Malcolm X dominating mainstream media with the Civil Rights movement (foreshadowing (even mirroring) the mutant situation to come).
  • Director Matthew Vaughn is very interested in the setting and what Singer describes as the "James Bond tech of the time", as Harry puts it.
  • Shooting will begin with Charles Xavier attending Oxford University.
  • We'll get to see classic X-Men costumes, much more similar to the comics than we've seen in previous movies.
  • The movie will be the franchise's most international yet, with shooting taking place in the U.S. and England, and the story also involving at least The Soviet Union as well.
  • We'll get a first look at some X-Men: First Class costumes within a month.
Kevin Becon is Sebastian Shaw in X-Men: First Class


  • Story will explore how Charles Xavier (Professor X) and Erik Lensherr (Magneto) met and their goals for the future of mutants (Origin of X-Men and their initial purpose).
  • Lensherr and Xavier will be in their late twenties - Xavier will have hair and function of his legs.
  • Cyclops and Jean Grey are NOT in the movie. Havok definitely is and Lucas Till will be playing him.
  • January Jones is Emma Frost and there's no truth to Rosamund Pike's involvement.
  • Singer is excited about them getting Nicholas Hoult as Beast because of a fortunate delay in start date for Mad Max: Fury Road.
  • Kevin Bacon's villain is in fact, Sebastian Shaw. Yes, that means Hellfire Club is in X-Men: First Class.
  • Singer explains the 1960s setting is perfect for the Hellfire Club, from the characters to costumes.
  • There are other characters that will be in the film that they're keeping secret. Could it be more mutant X-Men or more likely, other members of the Hellfire Club?

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