Bryan Singer & New Writer Confirmed for X-Men: First Class

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As many of you no doubt already know, Bryan Singer revealed a major update about his future with the X-Men franchise last night while on the blue carpet for the Avatar premiere.

That revelation of course was that he will be directing X-Men: First Class. As of now, Fox has confirmed the deal for Singer's return to the director's chair and develop the film about Professor Xavier's first group of young mutant recruits.

As we knew from before, Josh Schwartz (The OC, Chuck) was working on the script for First Class since last November but the studio has signed Jamie Moss (Street Kings) to pen the screenplay for the project.

The Hollywood Reporter points out that they're "going back to the drawing board" for the movie, explaining the signing of a new writer to work with Bryan Singer.

When Singer revealed that he's working on this project yesterday, he again confirmed that the film will in fact be an origins prequel to the existing set of films and not a reboot. As I said in some of our previous discussions on the X-Men films, Fox put forth a lot of effort in selecting, including, marketing and signing multi-picture deals with Tim Pocock and Tahyna Tozzi who played Cyclops and Emma Frost respectively in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, let alone the [Spoiler] scene where the mutant escapees are rescued by Professor X towards the end of that movie.

That scene and the inclusion of these characters occurred for the sole reason of branching off into X-Men: First Class and linking all of the films together.

The timing of this is not unexpected as that's the same Tim Pocock who may have spilled the beans a few months back about the movie shooting next year sometime after he'd be done shooting his TV series in Australia in February. He had retracted this after tweeting it, indicating it was a prank.

THR's update continues on to report new characters will be created for the movie, which is unnecessary in my mind, but I can see why they may do this since they can't actually utilize the First Class roster of original mutants from the comic books. Of the original five members of X-Men: First Class, two of them, Angel and Iceman, are introduced later on in the franchise timeline, so this movie will not follow the comics in that sense.

Interestingly, a theory I shared about Magneto being a part of the film may turn out to be true as well as it's being reported that the film will deal with the first meeting of Xavier and Magneto as well as the creation of school.

I had previously said that we could see Magneto working alongside Xavier for the same cause, starting the school, and constructing the Cerebro device we see in Bryan Singer's first X-Men. The story could therefore follow their perspectives starting to differ and them eventually taking their separate paths.

Lauren Shuler Donner, producer of all X-movies, had said they want to start a new franchise with this, so it makes sense to have Singer come back to bring everything full circle. With the mention of new characters being created for the project, perhaps they could be introducing some candidates for the proposed New Mutants movie as well?

More on X-Men: First Class soon from Screen Rant so stick around!

Source: THR

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