Bryan Cranston Says Malcolm in the Middle Revival Would Be 'Fun'

Malcolm in the Middle

Since his days playing Hal on Malcolm in the Middle in the early 2000s, Bryan Cranston has gone on to star in major blockbuster films (Godzilla), work on Broadway, and (of course) star in AMC's critically-acclaimed, multiple award-winning TV series Breaking Bad. Cranston even reprised his role as Hal for an "alternate" Breaking Bad finale ending, where the saga of Walter White is revealed to have been nothing but Hal's weird dream.

More recently, though, Cranston said that he would be game to reprising Hal in a more official capacity - much like those other actors who are currently returning to the TV show roles that kicked off their careers, in the first place (see David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson with the X-Files revival).

Frankie Muniz has expressed an interest in returning to the show that put him on the map (via his official Twitter account), and Cranston likewise had the following to say on the subject of a Malcolm in the Middle revival, when he was interviewed by ET Canada:

It's been 10 years since we went off the air and it'd be fun to pick up that guy's clothes again and be fun and sweet and adorable and hapless and clueless and afraid of everything.

A Malcolm in the Middle revival is little more than a pipe dream at the moment, even in a world where it seems like every other day there's talk of another nostalgic TV show coming back to life. Still even if the necessary agents and managers and network executives were to get together and figure out how to make a Malcolm revival a reality, there are a few more obstacles the series would face.

For starters, two of the show’s main players - Justin Berfield (Reese) and Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey) - have quit acting completely. In Berfield’s case, the man went on to become a producer behind the camera (on shows like Sons of Tucson), while Sullivan has for now left the business altogether. Pulling them back into the world of television is one thing, but it still leaves the question - what else is there to do with the world of Malcolm in the Middle?

In the series finale, Louis states rather defiantly what Malcolm’s future is. He goes to Harvard, gets into politics and claws his way to becoming President of The United States. Well, considering that known trajectory, what’s there really left to do with reviving the show? Not enough time has passed to even focus on Malcolm’s children yet (a la Girl Meets World) as, within the show’s timeframe, Malcolm would have only just met his significant other.

In that sense, what's stopping a Malcolm revival is the lack of story to tell, rather than something more logistical. The show is also unlikely to follow in the footsteps of Arrested Development... no matter how much Cranston (or anyone else) wants it to. Still, who knows; give the show a few more years and maybe there will be more interest in a Girl Meets World (or Fuller House) style Malcolm in the Middle sequel TV series.

Source: ET Canada [via Digital Spy]

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