Bruce Willis Talks Unbreakable 2

We heard back in 2008 that director M. Night Shyamalan has interest in going back to one of his better films, the Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson thriller, Unbreakable.

When Unbreakable came out, Shyamalan was riding high on the success (both financial and critical) of his first film, The Sixth Sense. Everyone was wondering what he'd come up with next and if he could improve upon his debut effort.

But c'mon - how the hell do you top "I see dead people"? :P

Contrary to the majority's opinion, I actually thought Unbreakable was Shyamalan's best film, though it didn't get the reception it truly deserved. You may not know that it was originally conceived as a trilogy but because of the underwhelming reaction to the first installment, Shyamalan got discouraged and moved on to do other films like Signs, The Village, Lady in the Water and The Happening (of that list, only Signs was worth watching, in my opinion).

However, with his last two outings in particular being more poorly received than Unbreakable ever was, it's not surprising that Shyamalan is looking to go back to his abandoned trilogy. On top of the director expressing interest, we also have star Bruce Willis wanting to do a sequel to Unbreakable.

While doing the rounds promoting the new Kevin Smith movie Cop Out, Willis talked a little about Unbreakable 2. He told WENN:

“I've been talking to [M.] Night Shyamalan about going back to do the middle story to Unbreakable. That whole story was written in three parts and he just chose to shoot the origin story first where the two characters find out they have superpowers. What he wanted to do at the time was shoot the second part where the two superheroes fight and we didn't do that; we started a different way but he's still talking about shooting that film.”

Even though Unbreakable was never an action film (although it features the closest thing Shyamalan has ever done to a fight scene), I really like the idea of exploring the two characters of David Dunn (Willis) and Mr. Glass (Sam Jackson) and how they butt heads, so to speak, after the way the first film ended. I assume Jackson would also be back as well - he's in every other movie that comes out, so I see no reason he wouldn't want to return to one of his most unique and interesting roles.

This is one of those cases where I would like to see a continuation of the story that played out in the first film, as well as seeing Willis and Jackson reprise their roles (along with Twelve Monkeys, Unbreakable saw Willis at his post-Die Hard best). However, at the same time I wouldn't be mad if they never did Unbreakable 2. Either way...

Would you like to see an Unbreakable 2? Are you interested in seeing the story continue or is it best left at one?

Sources: WENN and Collider

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