Bruce Willis Confirms 'Expendables 2' Involvement

Bruce Willis The Expendables 2

Those who watched the 68th Golden Globe Awards dropped jaw when host Ricky Gervais delivered a stinging introduction for Bruce Willis by referring to him as "Ashton Kutcher's Dad." Yikes.

However, not only did Iron Bruce gracefully roll with the punch - he even managed to deliver a bit of good news to action movie fans: he's pretty much in for The Expendables 2.

Access Hollywood claims that Willis was talking backstage with reporters at the Golden Globes when the subject of The Expendables sequel came up. Willis didn't have much to say about the film, except that as far as he knows, he's set to get in the ring and throw down with Sly Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li and the rest of the tough guys in the next installment.

As Willis himself said in response to Expendables 2 queries:

“Apparently it’s going to happen this year."

And when asked directly if he would be joining the cast:

"As far as I know, barring any unforeseen circumstances, but yeah, I would love to be a part of it.”

We all know that the Bruce Willis/Sly Stallone/Arnold Schwarzenegger scene in The Expendables was a sweet treat in what was, by and large, a sour - if not downright fermented - movie. Willis' prowess this past fall in action/comedy Red showed that he can still deliver the goods action-wise (and let's hope so, if Die Hard 5 is to be anything worth watching). So, needless to say, seeing Willis (possibly playing the villain) in Expendables 2 would help fill more than a few seats ;-).

This news from Willis comes right on the heels of news that Jean-Claude Van Damme could join Expendables 2 as well, so already this sequel has the potential to vastly outshine the first installment. Especially if Stallone takes a cue from the George Lucas playbook and let's someone else direct (hint, hint).

According to Bruce Willis, The Expendables 2 could start filming as soon as this year. We'll keep you updated.

Source: Access Hollywood

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