Bruce Willis’ Surrogates Trailer Finally Arrives!

Today we finally have the official trailer for Surrogates!

Bruce Willis’ upcoming action sci-fi thriller is based on the 2005-06 comic series of the same name (but with "the" in front) where in the future, people live their lives through remote-controlled robots (the Surrogates). The story follows Agent Greer, played by Willis, who must leave his home to investigate the murders of other Surrogates and their respective users.Watch the trailer and see what you think:

[media id=145 width=570 height=340]

If you saw the footage that was revealed online the other week, most of what was shown there between the interviews shows up in this trailer. The trailer looks cool but isn’t very exciting. I get a strong sense of the style we saw in Minority Report (loved that movie!) and I, Robot while watching this and it therefore doesn’t come off as something unique or special.

What really worries me is that this movie looks alright from the trailer but I think the final full product may be very underwhelming (the same way I felt about Terminator 3 which was directed by the same guy, Jonathan Mostow). Most of the effects look polished but everything else (from the story, drama and excitement to the action) is a little bland.

It certainly has potential and I hope it’s good as I’ll definitely be seeing it.

What do you think of the trailer?

Surrogates opens September 25, 2009.

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