Bruce Willis in 'Five Against a Bullet'; Mary Elizabeth Winstead in 'A.C.O.D.'

Bruce Willis Starring in Five Against the Bullet

Bruce Willis and Mary Elizabeth Winstead starred in Live Free or Die Hard as father/daughter duo John McClane and Lucy (Gennaro) McClane, but since then they've both continued on successful career paths, and those journeys continue today, as it has been announced that Willis will star in Columbia Pictures' action thriller Five Against a Bullet, while Winstead has been added to the upcoming comedy A.C.O.D. 

Five Against a Bullet tells the story of a Mexican politician whose father is assassinated by a drug cartel. Fearing for his own life, the politician hires five of the most highly-trained and accomplished body guards from around the globe to see him through a turbulent election alive. The script is being written by Alex Litvak, whose short screenwriting resume is comprised of Predators and the most recent onscreen iteration of The Three Musketeers - neither of which are five star movies, exactly.

No word yet on a director, but with Willis in the lead (we're guessing as the most experienced and badass of the hired bodyguards) there will automatically be a certain contingent of movie fans who show up on opening day. No other casting news yet - though the film has been fast-tracked by the studio. We should hear more names being attached soon, and they'll be interesting to hear; this titular "Five" is going to have to be a pretty badass squad.

In the meantime, we'll keep you updated on the status of Five Against a Bullet as more news comes to light.

Source: Columbia Pictures


Mary Elizabeth Winstead in A.C.O.D

A.C.O.D. is a comedy in which a man named Carter (Parks and Recreation's Adam Scott) finds out that he was the subject of a study on children of divorce when he was young. Now grown, Carter is suddenly pushed to enter a follow-up study, and the event begins to unravel his adult life.

Winstead will play Lauren Stinger, Carter's longtime girlfriend who tries to keep him together as the study is taking him apart. Catherine O'Hara (Beetlejuice), Glee star Jane Lynch, Hot Tub Time Machine star Clark Duke and Oscar-nominated actor Richard Jenkins co-star in the film. The script comes from impressive talent Ben Karlin (Modern Family, The Daily Show, Da Ali G Show) and Stu Zicherman (Six Degrees, Elektra).

No word yet on a release date for A.C.O.D.

Source: Deadline

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