Bruce Willis Talks 'Expendables 2'

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Action star Bruce Willis is currently working the junket circuit for his new film, Red, but that has not prevented him from talking about Sylvester Stallone's plans for The Expendables 2 - which we already know could feature Willis as the villain, if the Rocky/Rambo star gets his way.

The Expendables has to date grossed just under $250 million worldwide, so a followup seems all but assured at this point. Moviegoers were fairly receptive to the testosterone-fueled flick (read Screen Rant's Expendables review HERE), which offered plenty of good old-fashioned mindless action and explosions. The most consistent complaint that fans had about the film was that it simply did not go far enough - it needed more corny one-liners, more inspiredly silly action, more of everything.

Expendables writer/director/star Stallone seems to agree and is, according to Willis, "going for all the marbles this time, and [is] going to get everybody in ['The Expendables 2']" - and by everybody he means essentially every brawny, bad-ass action star that had their heyday on the big screen during the 1980s on through to the early 1990s.




Stallone even intends to bring back Steve Austin - whose character, you might recall, was shot dead in The Expendables. That could mean the character (Paine) himself will somehow be resurrected or that it will turn out that he has an identical twin - either way, it will be pretty contrived. Then again, isn't that quite fitting for a throwback to 1980s action films?


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So what newcomers might join the Expendables crew for their second big screen outing?  Steven Seagal may not be as mobile as he used to be (see last month's Machete for proof) but he seems like an obvious candidate; Jean-Claude Van Damme would probably be more receptive to signing up for the Expendables sequel than he was when Stallone approached him about the first film; and of course there's always the former Texas Ranger himself, Chuck Norris.

Arnold Schwarzenegger made an even briefer cameo appearance in The Expendables than Willis did, and it was implied that his character and Barney Ross (Stallone) had some shared history together. The current California governor might not have the time to play a larger role in the sequel, but he could at least turn in another cameo - possibly even one that goes on for longer than thirty seconds. :-P

Who do you want to see in The Expendables 2?

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