Bruce Willis Talks 'Die Hard 5' & 'Unbreakable 2'

Die Hard 5 writer Skip Woods finishes a script

Well, yippee ki-yay mother - *gunshot*.

MTV caught up with Bruce Willis at Comic-Con 2010 and the actor revealed that Die Hard 5 is right around the corner and also expressed his desire to see Unbreakable 2 happen.

There hasn't been any concrete news on Die Hard 5 since Skip Woods was hired to pen a draft of the screenplay back in May. While the plot is currently being kept under wraps, Willis had at one point expressed his desire to see the franchise "go worldwide".

It looks like we'll find out what direction Die Hard 5 is taking soon enough, as Willis expects an official greenlight any day now:

"It's imminent... The coin is about to drop."

Whatever they're planning, we can at least take solace in the fact that the proposed John McClane/Jack Bauer team-up Fox was considering has been scrapped. Which thankfully suggests the title of the new film will not be Die Hard 24/7.

Bruce Willis in talks to star in The Tomb

Unbreakable 2 seems less certain, but  it's not for lack of interest on Willis' part. When asked about the possibility of a sequel to the M. Night Shyamalan hit, he revealed:

"I think we'd have to hip-check Night [Shyamalan] into doing it.. I think that movie should be made."

Willis had previously stated that Shyamalan had envisioned a trilogy and suggested that there was at least some idea of how the plot would unfold in subsequent films. Yet Shyamalan separately said that making Unbreakable 2 was contingent on him finding the right story.

So unfortunately for fans it sounds like Unbreakable 2 is still a long way from being official. Perhaps Willis can persuade Shyamalan once they start production on Shyamalan's next film. Though, if the director is allowed to follow through on his plans for The Last Airbender sequels, I wouldn't expect to see Unbreakable 2 happen any time soon.

Personally, I'm totally on board for Die Hard 5. I know Live Free or Die Hard was a disappointment for a lot of fans and while it's not even in the same league as the first film, the only parts where it really lost me were the moments McClane became an invincible superhero (a lot like his Unbreakable character, ironically).

I'm not sure how I feel about Willis wanting to expand the scope of Die Hard 5 since I think the franchise would greatly benefit from being a little more claustrophobic again, but my love for the McClane character and the series still outweighs my skepticism.

A lot of films have spawned unnecessary sequels, but Unbreakable is one that actually lends itself to a follow-up. It's the only Shyamalan movie I've enjoyed without reservation and given his recent track record, it might not be such bad timing to get the wheels spinning on this one.

What are your thoughts on these developments? Will Die Hard 5 be a welcome addition to the franchise? Are you still holding out hope for Unbreakable 2?

Source: MTV Movies Blog.

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