Die Hard 5 Has a Script & Bruce Willis Needs a Dictionary

Die Hard 5 writer Skip Woods finishes a script

The Die Hard franchise has taken Detective John McClane on four thrilling adventures over the past 22 years and according to Bruce Willis, the fifth adventure will begin shooting in 2011.

Willis has been under the impression for awhile that the next installment of the Die Hard series, tentatively titled Die Hard 24/7, would begin filming next year. He even stated as much this past February while expressing his desire for Live Free or Die Hard director Len Wiseman to return. When MTV News caught up with Willis at Comic Con in July, he reaffirmed that filming for Die Hard 5 was “imminent.”  Willis apparently used the wrong word to describe the film’s status - but more on that later.

During an interview with MTV News for his latest action movie Red, Willis confirmed that Wolverine scribe Skip Woods has completed a first draft of the Die Hard 5 script and that “they’re making a couple of changes right now.” You can watch an excerpt from the interview below:

No information regarding the Die Hard 5 story has been released yet, although Willis has expressed that he’d like to see the story go global. At one point Fox was contemplating teaming Detective John McClane and  CTU agent Jack Bauer (24) together but since that idea has been abandoned maybe the studio will bring back fan-favorite Samuel L. Jackson as Zeus Carver. Jackson and Willis have always had nice chemistry onscreen, so watching them banter back and forth once again would be entertaining.

bruce willis says die hard 5 script is finished

Let’s briefly discuss Willis’ use of the word “imminent.” defines imminent as “likely to occur at any moment.” When compared to other Hollywood timelines, Willis used the appropriate word to describe the filming schedule of Die Hard 5. However, in a real world situation, using the word “imminent” would mean filming could have started during the course of his interview.

Willis told MTV News off camera that he felt very embarrassed about using the wrong word back in July, but when compared to the highly-questionable actions of some of his fellow actors - spewing drunken racial slurs, having affairs with interns or going to court over probation violation – Willis has nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, Willis’ embarrassment is minimal when compared to original Die Hard director John McTiernan, who was just sentenced to one year in prison for perjury.

We could discuss his use of the word “affluent” but even Willis and Red co-star Karl Urban (Star Trek) chuckled when he got that one wrong. At least he is a good sport about it.

There is currently no release date for Die Hard 5 although sometime in 2012 is likely.

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Source: MTV News

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