Bruce Lee Gets Lightsaber Nunchucks in Epic Fan Edit

Bruce Lee fans who wondered over the years how the martial arts star would have looked in a Star Wars movie have had their questions answered thanks to a new fan edit. Lee is one of the all-time greats of martial arts movies, starring in such iconic films as Way of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon, and Fist of Fury. In his time on the screen, Lee gave moviegoers some of the best action movies of all time.

Unfortunately, Lee passed away in 1973. Although his legacy has lived on, with Birth of the Dragon proving that the legend of Bruce Lee is one that holds a strong place in popular culture, Lee died before the birth of many of the most famous movie franchises. One such example is Star Wars, with the first movie in the series not seeing release until 1977.

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Bruce Lee may never have had the chance to play a Jedi, but thanks to a spectacular fan edit there's a chance for Star Wars and Bruce Lee fans alike to get a glimpse at what might have been. YouTuber Patrick Nan has taken the time to edit some lightsaber nunchucks into a Bruce Lee fight scene, and the results are absolutely spectacular. The video can be seen at the top of this article.

Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon

The scene in question is from 1972's Fist of Fury (aka The Chinese Connection), but Nan's edit makes it an entirely different fight from the original version. Now, Lee comes up against a lightsaber-wielding opponent, and after briefly defending himself the martial arts icon is able to pull out some lightsaber nunchucks of his own and turns the balance of the fight altogether. The edit, which is based off a piece of fan art from ameeeeba, is absolutely seamless and a must-watch.

It's far from the only time that Star Wars has been the subject of a fan edit. The series has a devoted following of fans willing to recreate and tweak scenes, with everything from full reworkings of both trilogies through to smaller scenes like a reimagining of the Darth Vader versus Obi Wan fight scene from A New Hope. All in all, it's a great testament to the lasting power of both Star Wars and Bruce Lee that such an impressive fan edit exists.

Lightsabers have become a major pop culture item over the years. Indeed, fans have long argued about what the best lightsabers in Star Wars canon are, as well as having discussions over which lightsaber is the strongest type. Should Bruce Lee's lightsaber nunchucks ever make it into the canon itself, it's likely that they'd rank quite highly.

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Source: Patrick Nan

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