Bruce Campbell Thinks 'Ash is Done' if Ash vs. Evil Dead is Canceled

Bruce Campbell Ash vs. Evil Dead

Fans probably shouldn’t hold their breath for a new Evil Dead movie starring Bruce Campbell, as the actor suggested the character of Ash is probably done should Ash vs. Evil Dead be canceled following the currently airing season 3. Campbell’s comments come just a few weeks after he said “we” might might think about doing another movie in the event season 4 isn’t in the cards for the blood-soaked comedy series on Starz.

What a difference a few weeks make, apparently, as Campbell seems to think his days as Ash are now numbered unless he returns to carve up more Deadites for another season on the premium cable channel. What brought this change about isn’t exactly clear, though it’s fair to say the actor’s previous comments on the matter were more along the lines of a soft maybe rather than a firm commitment.

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At any rate, Campbell’s latest take on the future of Ashley J. Williams and his chainsaw hand come from a recent Q&A during the ‘An Evening With Bruce Campbell’ event held last week by the Irish Film Institute. Campbell was on hand to promote his latest book, Hail to the Chin, and was inevitably asked about the future of the character he’s most associated with. In a video of the event shared by Dave Williams, it sounds as though the actor is ready to put the role behind him if the plug is pulled on the series.

The indominable Bruce Campbell, @GroovyBruce , explains that Ash vs the Evil Dead will be the end of Ashley Williams' adventure. Sad but he sounds like a man with a plan.#dublin #ifi #brucecampbell#evildead #ashvsevildead #ash #hailtothechin #hailtothechinbooktour

— Dave Williams (@davemultimedia) March 16, 2018

Campbell offers a short answer to the question of there being another movie. He says, “Another movie? No, no, no. Because if they cancel it I think Ash is done.” There’s an audible groan by the audience, but the actor takes it all in stride by holding up his hand and saying, “There’s lavender on my property. I’m gonna smoke weed and hang out. Although this might end up being the end of Ash, it sounds as though Campbell won’t be too put out by the prospect.

Ash vs. Evil Dead joins shows like The Exorcist, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and (surprisingly) Rick & Morty in the yet-to-be-renewed pile on various broadcast networks and cable channels. It’s still March, though, and while decisions are being made on the future of various shows, the fates of many programs probably won’t be decided until early May. Although it was never a huge ratings champ for Starz, Ash vs. Evil Dead has seen its ratings drop considerably in season 3. The show is definitely on the bubble at the moment, but this season’s final episode will reportedly work as a series finale should the worst case scenario win out.

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Ash vs. Evil Dead continues next Sunday with ‘Baby Proof’ @8pm on Starz.

Source: @davemultimedia

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